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Bastian Ravndal

Bastian Ravndal is the unacknowledged son of Earl Hans Ravndal and Minalina Myrth'hymnael and father of Torgrim Ravndal. When Bastian was 45 years old, he assaulted and raped Breanne Bardot when she was 17 years old. She became pregnant as a result and later gave birth to Torgrim Ravndal. When King Peer Tachibana Larssen learned what happened, he had Bastian arrested and then excruciatingly tortured and executed in public as a lesson to all of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland that, acknowledged or not, taking advantage of or abusing the people of Sudland by the royalty and nobles would not be tolerated.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Bastian Ravndal was an embarrasment to his famous and loved father, Earl Hans Ravndal. The result of an illicit relationship with the beautiful half-Elvirim woman, Minalina Myrth'hymnael, Bastian was never acknowledged by his father and was hated by his step-mother, Countess Hana Tachibana and his half-sister, Countess Kana Tachibana Ravndal. Bastian was raised in the household of Sir Magnar Nilsen on the orders of King Peer Tachibana Larssen, but Sir Magnar paid little attention to him, considering Bastian a nuisance at best. Rejected by his family, Bastian grew up emotionally stunted, constantly striving for validation and attention.

Morality & Philosophy

Bastian Ravndal is a thug and a pervert, with little regard for common moral values or the well-being of others.
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