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Maura House

Maura House is the headquarters of Directorate Seven, located in Daskar. It is located in Old Daskar, not far from Old Daskar Castle, the ancient seat of the Emirate of Daskar, and Landing Beach. The compound of Maura House contains several old, rather nondescript stone buildings surrounding a well.   From Maura House, Torgrim Ravndal and his department heads direct the activities of the operatives of the Directorate.

Purpose / Function

Maura House is the headquarters and operations center of Directorate Seven, the secret service of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland and King Einar Tachibana Larssen.


Beneath the main building of Maura House is a large basement housing the archives of Directorate Seven. There the Archivists of of the Directorate index, cross-reference, and store the secret communications and reports they receive from operatives working in organizations and independently all over Sudland and throughout the countries of Derkomai.   One of the buildings of Maura House is a three-storey dovecote. This building houses the Directorate's Homingbirds, which are trained to deliver messages to Directorate bases and safe houses.   Another of the buildings house kennels for Delivery Dogs, which are used by the Directorate to deliver small packages.


The buildings of the Maura House compound are typical of Old Daskar, constructed of cut stone and mortar with a reddish-orange tile pitched gable roof. Originally, Maura House was the home of one of the old Daskari noble families, and the compound still bears that family's name. It was abandoned and falling into ruin until King Haakan Larssen repurposed it as headquarters for Directorate Seven.
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