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Royal Forge and Smith

The Royal Forge and Smith in the Westport district of Daskar is the licensed smith of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland. The original Kinmet and Kinhundul were produced there. The smiths and craftsmen of the Royal Smith and Forge are among the most skilled on Derkomai, producing metal goods, jewelry, weapons, and armor of the highest quality found in Sudland. Many of the smiths and crafstmen working there are said to have Dwarvirim and Elvirim ancestry.

Purpose / Function

The Royal Forge and Smith is the only smith in Daskar licensed to produce numbered haganmet and saimet copies of the Kinmet. The smiths of the Royal Forge and Smith also produce metalwares, weapons, armor, and jewelry of the finest quality found in Sudland.


The Royal Forge and Smith is a large smithy located where the Westport River flows into Westbay of Daskar Lok. The river drives a waterwheel that powers bellows and hammers used by the smiths to heat furnaces and forge metal. High smokestacks carry smoke from the furnaces and forges up to winds that generally carry it over the more sparsely populated Middlefield and Highton districts. There are large carts full of charcoal and ores parked outside of the smithy. Laesa Silverbraid lives in rooms on the second floor of the smithy. There is a wooden tower above that is part of her living quarters. From there, she is able to look out over canal below, forests to the south, Westport to the west, the farm fields of Westfield and Middlefied to the north, and Highton to the east.   At the front of the smithy, there is a shop and office where Silverbraid sells metalwares and jewelry and meets customers and clients. Arrangements can be made there to buy high-quality weapons and armor; however, production and sale of them is regulated.


The Royal Forge and Smith was licensed and established when King Haakan Larssen founded and declared the kingdom of Sudland at Daskar. At the time, the grandmother of Laesa Silverbraid was proprietor of the forge, and it was her and her team that constructed the Kinmet and Kinhundul. However, the forge has existed at its location for far longer, known simply as Silverbraid Forge. Rumors and stories say that it was a Dwarvirim forge; others say it was Elvirim. Some say it was both, but such is hard to credit, as Dwarvirim and Elvirim rarely interact, let alone having joint business. When and how the Silverbraid family took over operation of the forge is lost to time, but what is clear is that Laesa Silverbraid and the clan of smiths that works for the Royal Forge are unusually skilled.
Mark of the Royal Forge and Smith of Sudland
Mark of the Royal Forge and Smith of Sudland by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Founding Date
Unknown, but long before the The Battle of Daskar
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
Parent Location
Characters in Location

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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