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The Kinmet, or Golden Met, is a steel bar, with a rectangular cross-section and plated with gold, that is the standard unit of length in Sudland. The length of the bar was established from the met (arm length) of King Haakan Larssen. The Kinmet is engraved with subdividing marks on its two faces. One one face it has engraved marks to divide it into 100 exactly equal sections. The length of each equal section on that face is called "yat hundulmet" in Sudkou or "1 part of 100 of a met." They are colloquially known as "hunduls." The other face has engraved marks that divide the Kinmet into 36 exactly equal sections. The length of each equal section on that face is called "yat samtunlukdulmet" or "1 part in 36 of a met." They are known colloquially as "samlukdul" (inches).   The weight of the Kinmet is also used as the standard for weight in Sudland. The Kinhundul standard measures of weight are constructed based on the weight of one hundul (1/100th of the weight of the Kinmet). From the weight in silver of the Kinhundul, the weight of the official currency of Sudland, the Dorla, is given.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Each official steel haganmet and bronze saimet by law is engraved with a series number and the mark of the smith that made it. The Kinmet is engraved as series number 1 and with the mark of the Royal Forge and Smith located in the Westport district of Daskar. There were ten exact haganmet copies of the Kinmet made at the Royal Forge and Smith. They are engraved as series 2 through 11 and engraved with the mark of the Royal Forge and Smith. Those original haganmet series copies were distributed to prominent, skilled, and licensed smiths throughout Sudland. Copies of those copies are marked with series 2.1, 2.2,...2.N, 3.1, 3.2,... 3.N, M.1, M.2,...M.N, and so on, along with the mark of the smith, indicating it was the "Nth" copy of haganmet series #M made by that smith. Less expensive bronze "saimet" copies could be and are made by those smiths and are similarly marked and certified by them as matching the length of the originals exactly. Disputes over measurements are settled by referencing the haganmet of the original series. Any unmarked haganmet or saimet is a forgery and illegal, as is any produced by an unlicensed smith or from any material other than steel or bronze, whether marked or not. A customer disputing the length or weight of something (e.g. silk cloth sold by length or grain sold by weight) by law can ask an official to compare the measuring device with an official haganmet. Damaged or worn haganmet and saimet must be destroyed and discarded according to law. Saimet, being made of bronze, can only be used to verify length and must not be used to verify weight.


The Kinmet was manufactured, plated, and engraved by the great grandmother of Laesa Silverbraid at the Royal Forge and Smith at Daskar at the direction of King Haakan Larssen and in response to his royal decree the Royal Establishment of Weights, Measures, and Currencies for the Kingdom of Sudland. Since its manufacture, it has been kept in a special secure, guarded storeroom in Citadel Larssen. On occasion, it is brought from its storeroom to check the accuracy of licensed haganmet and saimet produced at the Royal Forge.


The Kinmet is invaluable and priceless, as it is the basis for all official weights, measures, and currencies in Sudland. Commerce and trade throughout Sudland and with foreign countries depends on the accurate measurement of sizes and weights of goods being transported, including tolls paid at bridges and roads, export and import taxes, prices for goods sold by weight or volume, and so on. The ten original haganmet copies of the Kinment are also extremely valuable, as they were the basis for the initial promulgation of those standards throughout the country.
The Kinmet
The Kinmet by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Item type
Unique Artifact
The Kinmet is unique; however, there are many copies made of steel, known as "haganmet" in Sudkou, and of bronze, known as "saimet," used throughout Sudland.
10 lbs (4.54 kg)
36 inches (91.44 cm) long, 1.8 inches wide (4.572 cm), and 0.5448 inches deep (1.38 cm)
Raw materials & Components
The Kinmet is constructed of high-quality steel produced at the Royal Forge and Smith in the city of Daskar in Sudland. It is thickly plated with gold smelted at the Royal Forge.


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