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The Battle of Daskar

The Battle of Daskar was the most significant battle in King Haakan Larssen's campaign to establish control over all of the territory that now makes up the country of Sudland. At the battle, Larssen's forces defeated those of the Emirate of Daskar, and Larssen took control of all of the area controlled by the Emirate, which included the city of Daskar, all of the towns and villages surrounding Daskar Lok, the valley of the Dragon's Eye River down to the Handali River, and the valleys of the East Dragon River and West Dragon River north of Daskar Lok.

The Conflict

The Engagement

During the battle, King Haakan Larssen led his troops north from Southport, meeting the army of the Emir of Daskar east of the city on the plains east of Eastbridge. Larssen pinned the Daskar army there with feints and ambushes, while Earl Hans Ravndal attacked the city directly with roughly 500 battle-hardened Nodyund and Southport warriors, transported in dozens of longships rowed up the Dragon's Eye River and across Daskar Lok from Southport. Seeing the city lost behind them, the Daskar army panicked and fled, attempting to get back to Daskar to protect the Emir and the civilians left there. At that point, Larssen attacked with the full force of his army, led by his core batallion of Nodyund warriors, completely routing the Daskar army. The Emir of Daskar, already captured by Ravndal's troops and recognizing the superior strategy, tactics, and capabilities of Larssen's army, wisely chose to surrender, sparing the people and city of Daskar from complete destruction.


After the battle, the Emirate of Daskar ceased to exist, and for a short while, smaller towns and villages were left to govern themselves. However, King Haakan Larssen quickly established authority over all of the area previously governed or controlled by the emirate. He coopted or threatened into acquiesence the royalty and nobility of the emirate - or eliminated those that resisted - so governance of the emirate was not as seriously disrupted as it might have been.


One month after the battle, King Haakan Larssen declared the establishment of the Kingdom of Sudland with Daskar as its capital. Larssen recognized the strategic importance of Daskar's location at the center of the southern territories and at the northern end of the Dragon's Eye River on the shores of Daskar Lok, so it naturally made sense to establish the seat of his kingdom there. From Daskar, Larssen and his lieutenants began their campain to consolidate all of the area between the East Border River and The West Border River into the new country of Sudland. That task was finally finished by Larssen's son, King Peer Tachibana Larssen.

Historical Significance


After the battle, the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland was established as the ruling family of Sudland and became a major political force in the south of the continent of Derkomai. With the unification of Sudland under a single ruler, Yfel began to take more action there to undermine Sudland's influence and power.
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King Haakan Larssen defeated the Emir of Daskar and established the kingdom of Sudland


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