Derkomai The Battle of Daskar

The Battle of Daskar

Military action


From 5747, Masakot Wahla to Masakot Kotla, (5747/7/5 - 5747/7/7) Hakan Larssen battled the Emir of Daskar. After defeating the Emir, Hakan Larssen declared himself king of the new Kingdom of Sudland, with Daskar as its capital. After securing Daskar, Larssen, his sons and lieutenants set about securing the rest of the area, from Lynna Nis Birre on the east to Lynna Azma Birre on the north, from Hei Derk Sei on the south to Sanmak Da Sud on the north, as his kingdom. The Tachibana-Larssen family has ruled Sudland for 120 years.

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