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A Decree Establishing the Kingdom of Sudland

I, Haakan Larssen, a prince of the Kingdom of Nodyund and Protector and Inheritor of Southport, as created by Lord-Mayor Tachibana Jang Hideo, declare that the former Emir of Daskar failed in his duties to the Citizens of the City and of the Region to protect them from marauders and predators, to increase their prosperity, and provide them with justice.   Upon learning of these failures, we were downhearted and became determined ourselves to correct these matters, obtain justice and prosperity for the People, and provide them with the Protections that they deserve and desire. Therefore, we led our Armies of brave Soldiers north from Southport to confront the Emir of Daskar with his misdeeds and failures and implore him to cease his misconduct. We sent numerous Ambassadors forth to request of him, if he would not pursue correct policies and behaviors befitting the Leader of a great city, then to step aside in favor of such a Leader that would. Our requests were met with nothing but derision, and our Ambassadors were humiliated and turned away.   So with heaviness of heart, we set out to remove the Emir, by diplomatic means if possible, or by Force, if necessary. To our regret, the Emir unwisely chose to meet us with force of his own. We were, therefore, left with no choice but to defeat his armies on the fields of battle, which we quickly did.   The Emir was captured by my trusted lieutenant, Hans Ravndal, and his men. The Emir is being held without harm. He has lately recognized his errors and has submitted himself, his Family, and the City to us.   Therefore, we declare the end of hostility. We decree today that Emirate of Daskar ceases to exist, and we decree Establishment of a new Kingdom that we name Sudland. Its lands encompass those controlled by the City of Southport, the City of Handali, the Emirate of Daskar, and whatever lands of the Region that we believe are necessary to establish justice, ensure prosperity, and obtain protection for all people of the Region.   We also declare ourselves the King of this new great Country and establish a new government under our leadership with its seat at Daskar. We will move forward together, in service of the People, toward greater peace, prosperity, and justice for all.   On this date, Kot Masabay 5747, and in my own hand,
Haakan Larssen, King


After the The Battle of Daskar, King Haakan Larssen established the new kingdom of Sudland. The "Decree Establishing the Kingdom of Sudland" was the formal document laying out the reasons that Larssen overthrew the old Emirate of Daskar and established his kingdom.

Historical Details


Haakon Larssen was not entirely wrong or self-serving in his assessment of the Emir of Daskar. The government of the Emirate had become corrupt, and the Emir was more interested in pursuing pleasure than in protecting the people or promoting their prosperity. Attacks by Orkrim marauders were becoming more common in outlying areas, and gangs of bandits controlled many of the roads. Dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in the Emirate was growing, and there was talk of rebellion in some quarters of Daskar.

Public Reaction

Given how quickly Haakon Larssen defeated the Emir of Daskar, established control over the Emirate, and then wisely coopted most of the nobility and royalty, there was little chance for any kind of organized opposition to the establishment of the Sudland. In addition, Larssen's promises to establish justice, provide protection, and promote prosperity (and then actually carrying out his promises) led to the majority of the people of Daskar, and the other towns and villages of the Emirate, quickly adapting to the new state of affairs.
Decree, Royal
Authoring Date
5747/8/7 (Kot Masabay 5747)
Signatories (Characters)

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