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Ooshi Mito

Ooshi Mito (a.k.a. Ox)

Ooshi Mito (Ox) is one of the proprietors of the Ox and Mule Inn in Southport. His partner is Rabba Kattari, otherwise known as Mule.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ox is a big man, and physically quite strong. He grew out of the clumsiness of his youth, so he is relatively well coordinated in his movements. He doesn't move with the trained smoothness of someone like his huge bouncer, Xinu Skutnic (Rhino), but he is able to handle himself in a brawl. Ox, Rhino, and Rhino's crew of bouncers keep a lid on any trouble started at the Ox and Mule Inn. Few people, even drunks, are stupid enough to mess with them.

Special abilities

Ooshi is a natural empath and listener. He gains people's trust easily and others are prone to tell him their troubles and life stories, and so he knows many secrets.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ooshi Mito was born in the Weston South district of Southport, not far north of Dockton West. His parents weren't well off. His father was a deliveryman for the Southland Cartermen, while his mother was a housekeeper and did laundry for wealthier people, mostly living in the Easton district. Ooshi's was a lower-class working family, but they loved one another, and Ooshi's parents taught him to empathize with and help those needier than they were, and Ooshi took that to heart. He often gave a little food or a hundul (1/100th of a Dorla) to some of the poorest of Southport when he had a bit extra. Ooshi had no siblings, so he was a bit lonely at home sometimes, so he liked going out to meet his friends and the other people in his neighborhood while his parents were working.   As a boy, Ooshi was bigger than most of the other kids his age and a little uncoordinated. Because of that and his kind nature, other kids gave him a bit of good-hearted teasing, telling him that he was "big and clumsy as an ox!" And that nickname stuck. From a young age, most people called him Ox. Even though he was teased a bit, people liked him. He looked after and defended smaller and younger kids from bullies, which got him into a few scrapes, but even though he wasn't the most coordinated kid, he was mostly fearless, big, and strong, so bullies generally left him alone.   Ooshi did well enough in his schoolwork, but his heart really wasn't in it. He preferred spending time with his friends socializing, going down to the docks to see the ships and talk with the sailors, hearing their stories and making friends with them. He was also fascinated by the caravaners that traded in Southport and loved to go out to the caravan grounds to talk with them about the far-off places they visited.   Ooshi had a natural eye for spotting trouble and knew to avoid people and places that could be dangerous. He also had a heart for the down and out, and befriended beggars and many of the poorest people of Southport. He had a friendly face, was a patient and empathetic listener, and had a good sense of humor, so people naturally trusted him. As he got older, more than once people would pour out their life stories to him, and Ooshi listened and did his best to help them when he could.   As a youngster, when he wasn't in school, Ooshi liked tagging along with his father as he made deliveries around Southport. After while, Ooshi knew the city well - what areas were propserous, which weren't, where he was usually safe, and where he had to keep his eyes open for danger.   When he was 16, Ooshi decided he'd had enough of being a kid. He wanted to help his parents out by earning some money, especially his mother, who was often ill from the hard work she did cleaning and doing laundry. He thought of getting a job with the Southland Cartermen, like his father, but then decided that he liked better the hustle of the docks, with people from far and away visiting there. So with the blessing of his parents, he went to the Dockmaster and applied to be a dockhand, since he already knew some of them. Given his size and strength even as a teen, and his outgoing personality, he naturally fit in. After his work shift, he would often go with his crew to The Black Dragon Inn to chat and eat a little. He liked the atmosphere there, but he noted that the workers at the Dockton West docks had to walk a long ways to get to anyplace to eat, drink, and relax. He thought it would be great if he could start his own tavern and inn in Dockton West, closer to his home, and also close to the caravan grounds outside the Weston Gate.   When he was 19 years old, Ooshi suffered a double tragedy. While on a delivery, Ooshi's father had a sudden heart attack and died. Ooshi was dumbfounded, and his mother was stricken with grief. Her ill health failed, and she died not long after, leaving Ooshi alone in their house. After the hubbub of funerals and figuring out what to do with the things of his parents' that he didn't want to keep, Ooshi felt empty and alone. He terribly missed his mother and father. His house seemed too empty. Besides his parent's room, which he left alone, unable to bear changing anything for a while, the house had another spare room and a small separate apartment that his family had used for storage. He thought that maybe he could clear out the apartment and rent it for some extra income to save towards his dream of opening his own tavern. So, he cleaned it up and got it ready for rent.   When it was ready, he spread the word around that he was looking for a renter, especially around the docks and the Black Dragon Inn.   He didn't get any takers for a couple of months, but then one morning someone knocked on his door. When he opened it, outside was a young kid of about 15 years old, tall and pretty skinny, with dark skin and short hair. Ooshi could tell that he was a decent kid, but that he'd been through a lot not long ago. He just had that look. He had a funny accent that Ooshi hadn't heard before. He introduced himself as Rabba or Rabbi or something, but then said that people called him Mule, and that's the name that stuck in Ooshi's mind. An Ox and a Mule, now that was funny! Ooshi was a little skeptical at first whether or not he could pay any rent and was ready to give the kid a break and just let him stay, but then he pulled out 50 actual silver dorla from his bag, said he had more, and said he wanted to invest in Ooshi's tavern idea! So, he invited Mule in. What else could he do?   And so the partnership between Ox and Mule began. Not long after, they purchased the building in Dockton West that is now the Ox and Mule Inn. Ox's dream is now a reality, and a quite succesful one at that!


Ooshi attended the public schools of Southport until he was 12 years old, then mostly tagged along with his father, helped his mother with chores, or socialized with his friends in the Dockton South district. He can read and write, but not eloquently, and he can do basic arithmetic.


Ooshi (Ox) is half-owner of the Ox and Mule Inn, along with his business partner, Rabba Kattari, more commonly known as Mule.

Mental Trauma

Ox hasn't completely forgetten the trauma of losing both of his parents so close together in time. Being an only child, Ooshi was very close to them, and for some time he felt very alone and lost, His friendship with so many gave him a lot of support, though, which helped him through the worst of those bad feelings. Then not too long after, he met Mule, who soon became his business partner and best friend. Together, they threw themselves into starting the Ox and Mule Inn and making it a going business. That helped both of them recover from the tragedies they'd suffered.

Intellectual Characteristics

Ox doesn't have the education nor the mental acumen of Mule, but he's not dumb. His greatest strengths, however, are his empathy and natural listening ability. He loves to work at the bar in the tavern of the Ox and Mule Inn and share stories with the patrons. He knows lots of secrets, but is tight lipped with them and will not betray those that have entrusted secrets to him.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Ox dislikes greed, selfishness, and lying. He values empathy towards people less fortunate. He isn't against making a few Dorla, but he wants to come by them honestly.

Virtues & Personality perks

Ox is a natural empath. He is also generous and fair-minded.

Vices & Personality flaws

Ox can be short tempered with bullies and drunks. He eats more than he should and is overweight. He rarely drinks to excess, but occasionally he does. He's especially been known to do so on the anniversaries of his parents' deaths.


Ox keeps himself reasonably well-groomed. His clothes are clean, and he keeps his hair and beard properly trimmed.


Contacts & Relations

Ox has a multitude of contacts, as he has spent his life making friends with people from near and far.

Family Ties

Ox has a few distant relatives and one aunt, his mother's sister, but they are not very close.

Social Aptitude

Ox is a natural empath and very friendly. People tend to trust him immediately. He has several female admirers and a couple of women he considers good friends, but has never made time to pursue a serious relationship. As with many empaths, Ox finds deep, serious relationships often to be troublesome and difficult. Mule is his closest friend, but they usually talk about business, political happenings, and current events they've heard about, not deeply serious personal things.

Wealth & Financial state

By the standards of working-class Southport, Ox is quite well to do. He never flaunts his wealth, and he is generous, so he isn't rich by noble and royal standards, but he can afford to buy good food and clothes.
Current Location
Year of Birth
9119 41 Years old
Current Residence
Dark brown, sleepy looking
Dark brown, wavy, with some gray, receding hairline
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Medium brown
6'2" (188 cm)
235 lbs (106.6 kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"What can I get you?"
"Of course I can keep a secret. The Ox never tells tales."
Known Languages
Ox speaks Sudkou with the standard accent of Southport. He can read and write, but is not a polished writer.
Ruled Locations

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Character Portrait image: Ooshi Mito by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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