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Ox and Mule Inn

The Ox and Mule Inn is a large inn, tavern, and outfitter in the Dockton West district of Southport not far from the Weston Gate at the intersection of Dockton Street with Weston Perimeter Road. The primary customers of the Ox and Mule Inn are caravaners and sailors, so it has a deserved reputation for being a somewhat rough and tumble place. There are fights in the bar most nights, but the bouncers employed by the proprietors, Ooshi Mito and Rabba Kattari generally keep things under control. Most patrons are smart enough not to mess with the Rhino, Xinu Skutnic, the enormous head bouncer, and his crew of thugs that enjoy nothing more than busting the heads of unruly drunks.

Purpose / Function

The Ox and Mule Inn is one of the favorite resting spots, watering holes, and outfitters for sailors and caravaners in Southport. Supplying beds, food, drink, and entertainment for tired travelers, it is generally a busy and bustling place, with usually four to five dozen patrons being served and bunked at any time. Ship captains and caravan masters buy goods needed for their sea and road travels. Musicians, storytellers, and acting troupes provide entertainment. Ladies of the night offer their services, players offer to "buy drinks" for women, and pickpockets and con artists scan the crowd for easy marks, while spies track who meets who, and assassins look for their targets.


The Ox and Mule Inn consists of several connected buildings surrounding an open-ended central courtyard. The open side faces north toward Dockton Street. The largest building at the southwest corner is the inn. It has two stories, each with 20 rooms that sleep two or three people. On the south side next to the inn is the outfitters shop and two storerooms for outfitting ships. On the northwest side next to the inn is the caravan outfitters shop and storeroom. On the northeast side, adjoining Dockton Street, is the tavern and roadhouse with a large kitchen and bar, seating for up to 60 people, and a low stage for entertainers. The interior is lit by candles and lanterns, so the lighting is not bright.


The Ox and Mule Inn has no defenses of its own, other than Xinu Skutnic and his gang of bouncers, but it is within the walls of Southport, so it does not need other defenses.


Travelers, traders, and sailors visit the Ox and Mule Inn from ports and cities far and wide around Sudland. Sophisticated and wealthier travelers often prefer more upscale, less lively accomodations, but the Ox and Mule Inn is never short of customers.
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