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East River

The East River (Lynna Azmi) flows east of Southport about a mile outside the city walls and empties into the Black Dragon Sea  in the area between the city wall outside of Fishton and the Southport breakwater. The area where the river flows into the sea is marshy, but rich in fish and other sea life. The fishermen's docks are just to the west of the mouth of the river. The river arises from springs in hills to the northeast of Southport. There is a dam across the river about a one-half mile northeast of the mouth of the river. From the lake (East Lake) behind the dam, an aqueduct carries water to and through the eastern Southport wall. The water from the aqueduct pours into The Reservoir. Gates at East Lake and and at The Reservoir control the level of water in The Reservoir.   There is a guard house at East Lake that protects the lake, dam, and aqueduct. The guard captain stationed there also serves as the gatekeeper for the aqueduct gate at the lake.
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Lynna Azmi
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Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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