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Rabba Kattari

Rabba Kattari (a.k.a. Mule)

Rabba Kattari (Mule) is one of the proprietors of the Ox and Mule Inn. His partner is Ooshi Mito, also known as Ox. Ox generally runs the tavern and inn, while Mule runs the caravan and ship outfitters and manages the books.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Mule is strong and robust, and he has exceptional endurance, like his namesake pack animal. Tall and relatively thin, he can run quite fast and is more agile than most people.

Special abilities

Mule is an adept accountant, able to manage the expenses and income of the Ox and Mule Inn to maximize its profits.

Specialized Equipment

Mule always carries the dagger he was given by the caravan guards when he was a boy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rabba Kattari, more frequently known as Mule, is a former caravaner hailing originally from Da Therasti Okku, the desert kingdom north of Koyon on the opposite side of the Great Southern Range.   Mule traveled with his family's caravan from the time he was a young boy. His father was the caravan master, and his mother traveled with the caravan as well, taking care of accounting and caring for the pack animals. He especially loved the pack animals, donkeys, mules, and camels that carried trade goods, and had a special bond with the donkeys and mules, earning him the nickname, "Little Mule" from the time he was a boy.   The caravan traveled far throughout the southern countries of Derkomai, from Da Therasti Okku to Senyon, then back from Senyon through the Great Southern Range pass at Kinsanaile into Sudland, going through Eastport to Daskar and then to the western border of Sudland at Niswata, from there down the Coast Road to Nalamoa. From Nalamoa, the caravan made its way along the coast to Southport Ferry and crossed the river into Southport. After trading in Southport, often with ship captains in the Dockton district, the caravan continued along the coast back to East Ferry, then north to East Road Crossing, back through the pass at Kinsanaile, along the north side of the Great Southern Mountains and the Desert River back home to Okkudo.   The caravan's travels covered many, many hundreds of miles. Each circuit took about two years from start to end. Between each circuit, Mule and his family lived in Okkudo for about a year, trading goods they'd bartered for in their travels, gathering inventory for the next journey, resting and caring for their pack animals. Spending so much time together on the road, the caravan became a family, and often the same guards would accompany the caravan on its circuits year after year. Mule naturally befriended many of them, and they taught him how to fight with a short sword and dagger, and Mule kept his dagger on him all the time. His father and mother, of course, had taught Mule the ins and outs of trading and business, how to read, write, and do arithmetic and accounting.   During his fifth journey travelling with the caravan, when Mule was fifteen years old, the caravan was traveling on the Coast Road between Southport and East Ferry, through a relatively wild and unpopulated area, when it was spotted by pirates of the The Red Flag Fleet. Though the caravan had maybe three dozen guards, it was an easy mark for the over 100 pirates from the fleet that swarmed the caravan. Mule's father tried to negotiate, but it was useless. The pirates attacked, killing the guards and porters, and Mule's family. Mule killed one of the pirates with his dagger, then was able to slip away in the confusion of the melee. He cut his favorite mule, a big mule named King, free from the pack line, dropping its packs of trade goods, and fled on its back. The pirates, being on foot, couldn't give chase, so Mule escaped.   After hiding for two days in the forest, weeping and grieving, Mule cautiously made his way back with King to where the pirates had attacked the caravan. The caravan had been stripped, and all of the guards, porters, and pack animals were dead. His mother, father, and younger sister were also dead. Nothing was left, except the two packs that King had been carrying. They were still lying in the brush a little distance away from where the pirates had killed the rest of the caravaners and animals. Mule set about digging graves for his friends and family using sticks and branches he cut in the forest along the road.   After burying the guards and porters and his family, Mule sat and cried for a long time. He didn't know exactly how long it was. His anger and hatred for the pirates burned, and he raged and cursed them for awhile. After calming down, he realized he was getting hungry and thirsty, and needed to find food, water, and shelter. He went looking for something to eat, and dug into the two packs left behind that King was carrying. Opening them, he remembered King was carrying the packs that held most of the profits they had made trading in Southport, nearly twenty thousand silver Dorla - almost 200 pounds of silver. The pirates left behind the most valuable packs the caravan had been carrying. Mule was all alone in the world, but he was a relatively rich young man. He would have traded every last dorla to get his family back.   After finding some edible fruit and a small spring for some fresh water, Mule headed back toward Southport with Mule, the nearest major city to where he was. He figured he could find another caravan or some way from there to get back to his home in Okkudo. It was around ten days hike to get back to Southport, passing through a few small fishing villages along the way. A couple of them had been raided by the pirates as well, and Mule surreptitiously left a few dorla in them to help. He didn't want to get robbed.   Finally arriving in Southport, passing through the Fishton Gate, Mule wasn't sure where to go. He knew the city relatively well, but has always been with the caravan on his earlier visits. He made his way through Dockton East and found himself at The Black Dragon Inn. He rented a room for a week there using a couple of the dorla from his packs, then bought a decent meal with the change and ate it outside next to King. He'd lost some weight, and the meal did much to improve his mood.   He obviously couldn't walk around Southport with almost twenty thousand dorla, so he wondered what to do with it. He was afraid of being robbed, and suffered flashbacks from the pirate attacks. He remembered that his father had used Southport Mercantile Bank for holding and changing money, so he made his way there with King carrying his packs. A fifteen year old leading a mule carrying twenty thousand dorla wasn't an everyday sight at the Southport Mercantile Bank, so the guards were suspicious of him. He explained what happened, and one of them brought out the bank manager, Sir Asmund Johansen to hear Mule's story. He said, "As it happens, we've had reports of the pirates raids along the coast, and the Southmarch Rangers have reported the attack on the caravan. You are very lucky to be alive, son. We, of course, will set up accounts and hold this money for you. Unfortunately, you cannot leave Southport until we complete an investigation of the attack and confirm your identity, which may take some time, given the circumstances. We will release one hundred dorla for you to cover your expenses while the investigation is ongoing."   Relieved that he didn't have to haul twenty thousand large silver coins around, but disappointed that he could not leave Southport, Mule set about figuring out what to do. Staying at the Black Dragon Inn permanently wasn't a viable option, but he had a place to stay there for a week. He went back there and started asking around. One of the customers in the bar there said he knew someone looking to rent out a place, and he gave Mule the address. It was in Weston South, not far north of Dockton. Mule knew the area somewhat from earlier visits.   The next day, Mule walked to the place leading King and knocked on the door. A young man about five years older than Mule answered the knock. He was about an inch (2.5 cm) shorter than Mule, but quite a bit heavier. He looked at Mule, sizing him up. He said, "You look alright. My name is Ooshi Mito, but people call me Ox. What can I do for you?" For some reason, Mule immediately trusted Ox, and answered in his heavily accented Sudkou, "Hello. My name is Rabba Kattari, but I am often called by the name Mule. I have been told that you are renting a place to stay." Ox answered, "Yeah, sure am. Trying to save up and earn some money to start my own tavern down in Dockton, so doing all I can to get that done, and I've got a little extra space here now." Mule said, "I see. That is a very worthy goal. Are you interested in additional investors, perhaps?" He pulled fifty silver dorla from his bag, and said, "Will this be sufficient to establish a residence here? I have far more should it be required." Ox's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Fifty dorla was easily two months wages for most working-class people in Southport. Ox said, "Uh, yeah. That'll do just fine. Come on in."   And so the partnership between Ox and Mule began. Not long after, they purchased the building in Dockton West that is now the Ox and Mule Inn. Mule hasn't made it back to Okkudo - yet.


Mule was informally, but effectively, educated by his family and the rest of the caravaners traveling with them - guards, porters, and so on. He is able to read and write Sudkou and even a little Nodkou. His mother taught him arithmetic and how to do accounting to keep track of expenses, income, and profits.


Mule is the partner of Ooshi Mito, Ox, and half-owner of the Ox and Mule Inn.

Mental Trauma

Though it has taken many years, Mule has mostly overcome the trauma he experienced from losing his family and friends when the pirates of the The Red Flag Fleet attacked the caravan. He still experiences occasional panic attacks at night and nightmares, but those are coming less and less often as time passes.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Mule despises, vehemently hates, pirates. Few things upset Mule, but he will do his best to kill pirates on sight. He isn't stupid about it, though. He will choose the right opportunity to do it quietly.

Virtues & Personality perks

Mule is generous with those he trusts, honest, and meticulous.

Vices & Personality flaws

Mule can be somewhat self-righteous and stubborn.


Mule is fairly fastidious, but not obsessive. He was, after all, raised in a caravan, traveling all over for years at a time, so obssessive cleanliness really wasn't an option. Given the success of the Ox and Mule Inn, he can afford decent clothes, so he typically wears good-quality, utilitarian clothes, without the styling and frills of the Southport upper classes and nobility.


Contacts & Relations

Mule, of course, has a good relationship with his business partner, Ooshi Mito (Ox). He also maintains a friendship of sorts with the head bouncer at the inn, Xinu Skutnic (Rhino). He still feels grateful toward the manager of the Southport Mercantile Bank, Sir Asmund Johansen, for helping him at a time when he really needed help, and the Inn keeps all of its accounts with the bank still. He maintains contacts with the many ship captains, sailors, and caravaners that patronize the Inn and buy goods from him.

Social Aptitude

Mule is socially adept and a good conversationalist. His travels and contacts give him many fascinating stories to tell, but he avoids talking about the pirate attack on his caravan. Even after so many years, the emotions are too raw.


Mule speaks Sudkou with the heavy accent of Da Therasti Okku, though his accent has faded some after living for so long in Southport. He still has the speech patterns and vocabulary of his home country, which to most people sounds rather formal and stilted.

Wealth & Financial state

Though you wouldn't know it by looking at him, Mule is fairly wealthy. The Ox and Mule Inn makes a handsome profit, much more than repaying the initial money he invested in it.
Current Location
Year of Birth
9124 36 Years old
Da Therasti Okku , Okkudo
Current Residence
Dark brown
Short, tightly curled
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Medium brown
6'3" (190.5 cm)
195 lbs (88.5 kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Welcome! How may I serve you today?" "Let me check our inventory. One moment, please."
Known Languages
Mule speaks Sudkou with the heavy accent and patterns of Da Therasti Okku. He also knows a few words of Nodkou that he learned from a caravan guard hailing from Danyund.
Ruled Locations

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