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Southport Ferry

Southport Ferry is a small town that lies across the Dragon's Eye River from Southport, at the confluence of the Dragon's Eye River and the South Ferry River.¬†From Southport Ferry, a road follows the coastline of Sudland to Nalamoa.   Because of its location at the confluence of two large rivers, Southport Ferry is periodically inundated by floods. Over time, much of the town has been built up and earth and stone levies have been constructed, but outlying areas are flooded during rainy seasons most years, and devastating floods have occurred.   Southport Ferry is not an especially prosperous town, but it is also not destitute. Ferry tolls and trade goods, especially metal ores and gemstones, coming down the South Ferry River from the Central Range drive sufficient commerce to allow most Southport Ferry residents to support themselves reasonably well.
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