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Appleton is a small farming village roughly 3 miles (5 km) north of Sudminto. As might be expected from the name, it is known for its fruit orchards, especially apples, but other varieties of fruit trees are also grown, including pears, peaches, cherries, and so on. It lies to the north of Appleton Lake, which is a lake formed on the Weston River by a natural dam.   Appleton is owned by Baron Minoru Tachibana Meiling, who resides in Tachibana Meiling House, a large manor house within the stockade walls of the village.


Appleton is surrounded by a wooden stockade wall with gates on the north, south, and southwest sides. Most of the buildings are within the walls, and most of the population lives within the wall. Tachibana Meiling House is the semi-fortified residence of Baron Minoru Tachibana Meiling. It is also within the stockade walls and is a last line of defense if the walls are breached. Two towers in the house allow for spotting and defense from above by archers and thick wooden doors and shutters prevent easy entry.

Industry & Trade

Appleton is known for its apple and fruit tree orchards, as well as the production of applewine and other products made from the fruit, herbs, and spices that grow in the orchards and fields around the village. Applewine and other products are produced at Appleton Chateau.


  • Appleton and Dunton
    Map of the villages of Appleton and Dunton and the surrounding area

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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