Applewine Inn

The Applewine Inn is a tavern and small inn in Appleton owned by Ravn Christiansen. It is located between Tachibana Meiling House and the well at the center of Appleton, within the stockade walls surrounding the city. Being located in a small village, the inn has just ten beds, but the tavern section has seating for roughly forty people. Informal town meetings are often held in the tavern, which Baron Minoru Tachibana Meiling sometimes attends to listen to the people of the village.   Applewine Inn is famous for the freshest Applewine served there. Applewine is made only at Appleton Chateau, the winery, brewery, and factory owned by Baron Minoru Tachibana Meiling.


The Applewine Inn has stood in Appleton for many, many decades. The few records that exist indicate it was built at least 200 years ago. It was handed down to Ravn Christiansen from his father, who got it from his father. Hereditary ownership of the inn by the Christiansen family goes back at least five generations, predating even the arrival of King Haakan Larssen in Southport.

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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