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Applewine is a fermented drink made from apples, with some added spices. It is only slightly alcoholic, but is known to induce pleasant, happy, talkative emotions in those drinking it. The best applewine is produced at Appleton Chateau in Appleton.

Manufacturing process

Applewine is produced by fermentation of apples, then blending with certains herbs and spices, and finally aging until it has reached maturity. The best appewines are aged for many years in oak or cherrywood barrels at cool temperatures. The exact recipes and processes are closely guarded secrets, and few people know how to produce good applewine. The best producers, such as those at Appleton Chateau, ensure that no single person knows all of the recipe or process to reduce the risk of the recipe and process being stolen.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Applewine is produced in Sudland by various producers, so it is not especially rare, but the highest-quality and most sought-after is the applewine produced at Appleton Chateau in Appleton by Baron Minoru Tachibana Meiling and his expert applewine makers. It is exported throughout the kingdom, especially to Daskar. The Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland derives much income from trade in applewine. Every barrel of applewine sold is taxed by the royal family, and applewine exported beyond the borders of Sudland is sold at a premium price.
Raw materials & Components
Apples, spices, and herbs in various combinations. Recipes are kept closely-guarded secrets by applewine makers.

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