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Brambleberry Buckle

Brambleberry Buckle is a delicious, sweet, fruit-filled dessert cake with a fairly light texture. There are many regional and national variations of Brambleberry Buckle, with different recipes calling for different varieties of brambleberries, different spices, other varieties of fruit added to the brambleberries, more or less sugar, and so on. Brambleberry Buckle made in Koyon is significantly different, usually spicier, than the Brambleberry Buckle recipes typically used in Sudland. Travelers that have had the fortune to try many varieties say that the Brambleberry Buckle made by William Baker at Bree Bread Bakery is especially delicious.


It is generally acknowledged that Brambleberry Buckle was first developed by bakers in Ferrytown using brambleberries gathered by Southmarch Rangers in the Southern Wilds near the Ranger base. From there, recipes for Brambleberry Buckle were carried by the Rangers back to their bases at Daskar and throughout Sudland. Bakers all over the country modified the basic recipe, using particular varieties of brambleberries and different combinations and amount of spices, flour, and sugar. It is likely that trading ships then carried Brambleberry Buckle recipes to Koyon and perhaps to other countries.   Brambleberry Buckle is a favorite dessert of noble women of Sudland and royal women of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland. Queen Tatsu Tachibana Larssen and Princess Ingrid Tachibana Larssen often end meals together with a slice of Brambleberry Buckle when the berries are in season. Param Elya Tiara Kang brought recipes for Brambleberry Buckle from Koyon with her to Coalton and Southport when she married Baron Tatsuo Tachibana Meiling. Some have said that her recipes influenced William Baker as he developed his famous Brambleberry Buckle.

Components and tools

Brambleberry Buckle is made from eggs, butter, wheat flour, sugar, spices, and of course, brambleberries. It is baked in ceramic or iron bakeware, usually about 9 inches (22 cm) in diameter, but the exact size is not important.
Brambleberry Buckle
Blueberry Buckle by Jen from NJ
William Baker's Brambleberry Buckle
Important Locations

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