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Gasyendithites are the followers of Gasyenditha, one of the twelve Safirim of the Nop Derk Safir. They do not have a formal organization, churches, temples, or other formal religious bureaucracy. In places where Gasyendithites gather, they meet in homes, the back room of taverns, and so on. There is only one monastery of the Gasyendithites, called Xosuyel Vold, located high in the Great Eastern Mountains of Senyon, approximately 250 miles (400 km) northwest of Sendoshi. The leaders of the Gasyendithites (though they do not actually lead the organization formally) make their homes there, and the Gasyendithite martial arts school is there.   The Gasyendithite masters of Xosuyel Vold martial arts are among the most skilled warriors of the world; though, consistent with their philosophy of patience and serenity, they rarely and only reluctantly fight. The monks of Xosuyel Vold monastery take in orphans and unwanted children, raising them in the philosophy of Gasyenditha, teaching them martial arts, and then sending them into the world to teach, promote, and practice peace and serenity wherever and however they can. Many become protectors of towns and villages; though most often without an official position. A few become bodyguards for powerful and influential people that are committed to doing good and bringing justice.


The Gasyendithites do not have a formal organization structure. In most areas where there are a number of Gasyendithites, they meet in private homes, in meeting rooms at taverns, and so on. The informal leaders of the Gasyendithites are the monks and instructors of Xosuyel Vold martial arts at Xosuyel Vold Klossu (Few Trees Monastery) in the Great Eastern Mountains of Senyon.

Public Agenda

Gasyendithites prefer to act more than speak, so they do not have an overt public agenda. Rather, they go about promoting peace and serenity as ordinary citizens, protecting the weak and innocent, guarding those influential people committed to peace and justice, assisting others wherever needed, but rarely themselves seeking or attaining influential positions or wealth. In everyday life outside of the Xosuyel Vold monastery, they are generally indistinguishable from any other average person, other than their unusual calm and focus.


Other than the Xosuyel Vold Klossu (Few Trees Monastery), the Gasyendithites have no assets besides what each individual has acquired.

Tenets of Faith

Gasyendithite philosophy is based on peace and serenity. Becoming overly emotional is inconsistent with Gasyendithite beliefs, and so they value honesty, rationality, concensus, and discussion to solve problems. Most Gasyendithites are friendly, calm, and quiet, but can be blunt and lacking in social grace. As martial artists, Gasyendithites maintain calm focus, which allows them to avoid attacks, even magical attacks, as their inner peace and serenity deflects the emotions powering magical spells. Conversely, the Gasyendithite martial arts masters are able to gather their inner peace and focus to power their own strikes, both unarmed and with weapons, causing serious damage and often breaking the concentration of Magi casting spells, causing those spells to misfire or fail entirely.


Gasyendithites practice a form of meditation or prayer they call "centering," in which they enter a serene trance. The most advanced monks say that in their centering trances, they have visions of the peace and serenity of The Elysium and are able to put aside or deflect all troubling and turbulent thoughts and emotions.
A Gasyendithite monk of Xosuyel Vold monastery
A Gasyendithite monk of Xosuyel Vold monastery by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
A Gasyendithite monk of Xosuyel Vold monastery
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