Nop Derk Safir

The Nop Derk Safir (The High Dragon Government) is the unseen power over Derkomai. The members of the Nop Derk Safir are the twelve Safirim powers and the underpowers, the Balim, Shibaorim, and Okkurim.


Nop Derk Safir is made up of the twelve Safirim. Each of the twelve Safirim has two Balim assistants, one that oversees the affairs of the anthropoid (human, elven, dwarven, and so on) world, and one that oversees the affairs of the natural world. The Balim overseer of the anthropoid world oversees the Shibaorim, and the Balim overseer of the natural world oversees the Okkurim protectors of the lands and waters of the country.
Nop Derk Safir
Nop Derk Safir by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
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Controlled Territories
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Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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