The Elysium

The Elysium is a plane of existence full of The Presence. It is a place of beauty, creativity, connection, love, happiness, joy, healing, and fulfillment. It is filled and governed by the Safirim Baiyamuta, Druikshe, Gasyenditha, Laidleshe, and Valamarashe. Agapyel Healers draw on the energy of the Elysium to heal and restore health.   To all that view it, the Elysium appears different; it appears as that person's ideal, most beautiful place, with the climate, flora, fauna, and construction that each one imagines as the best of all possible places. There is no strife, sickness, pain, or death in The Elysium. For those that inhabit it, The Elysium is a place of eternal peace, fulfillment, and happiness beyond the imagination of mortal beings.   How people reach The Elysium is unknown, but among the Elvirim, it is said that a Shisharrim known as The Harvester of Souls appears to ancient Elvirim to escort them there.


The climate of The Elysium is perfect for each inhabitant, neither too hot, too cold, too wet, nor too dry. The air is pure and refreshing.

Fauna & Flora

For every inhabitant, The Elysium is full with plants and animals that they enjoy and bring happiness. Myths and legends say that each one's pets are with them there, if they had any in the mortal world.
The Elysium
The Elysium by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
The Elysium as envisioned by one inhabitant
Plane of Existence
Owning Organization

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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