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The Void

The Void is a plane of existence devoid of The Presence. of Eia’au. It is a place of isolation, despair, hatred, anger, emptiness, hopelessness, death and undeath. The Safirim Apopshe, Azazala, Niohueggre, Thalatte, and Yamanochi rule the Void. Necromancers draw on the energy of the Void to raise undead and perform other necromantic magic.   The few inhabitants of The Void are eternally isolated from all others, tormented and filled with frustration, rage, and hatred. Daemorim servants of the evil Safirim rulers of The Void wander the plane torturing and taunting all they encounter.   The negative and destructive energy of The Void pulls the life force from its inhabitants, leaving only shades and apparitions of their vital existence remaining, full of fury and hatred of the living. To each one, The Void is the scene of their worst nightmares, relived over and over again.


To many, The Void appears as a mostly featureless dark landscape marred by misshapen tree-like forms, rent by rivers of fire. A bloody red moon fills the sky. There is no sunlight or warmth. Every step is fraught with pain, twisted ankles and knees, scrapes and bruises.


The Void is always either too hot or too cold, alternating between burning and freezing, with no place comfortable ever to be found. The air is dry and saturated with dust and smoke, parching throats and lungs, burning eyes, and scalding and cracking skin.

Fauna & Flora

The Void is utterly devoid of any plant or animal life. Only its tortured, miserable inhabitants exist there with their Daemorim tormentors.
The Void
The Void by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
The Void as it appears to one inhabitant
Plane of Existence
Additional Rulers/Owners
Owning Organization

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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