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The Druikminster is a church dedicated to spreading the worship of Druikshe, one of the twelve Safirim of the Nop Derk Safir. The Devotees of Druikshe promote growth, planting, and the accumulation of wealth. In keeping with Druikshe being a manifestation of wealth, Druikminsters are known for ostentatious displays of their wealth to show that worship of Druikshe brings prosperity. The altars of larger Druikminsters throughout Derkomai are elaborate artworks of precious metals and gemstones, painting and murals, rare objects, and skilled stoneworks and architecture. Smaller Druikminsters feature altars constructed of the finest woods, inlayed with precious metals and gems; they also display some rare objects. The Druikminster buildings are well-constructed and are often surrounded by elaborate and beautiful gardens. The altar of every Druikminster displays a Treasure, a rare or precious artifact said to carry the essence of Druikshe. Typically, the treasure is an object of extreme beauty and/or rarity. The treasure is often held in some sort of case or box to protect it from theft or damage. When so, even the case or box is extremely beautiful and valuable, made of rare materials, covered with precious metals and gems.   Because Druikminsters are known for their wealth, they are targets for thieves, and so most are well-guarded around the clock, and rather elaborate measures are taken to ensure that their treasures are not stolen.   The Spring Equinox occurs on the 100th day of the year and is especially significant to Devotees of Druikshe. The Hundredth Day Festival (Hunyeldyahveck), which lasts for one week (a week is 10 days long on Derkomai) begins on that day. On the final day of the festival, Devotees bring offerings of money, precious metals, jewels, and gemstones to their Druikminster and celebrate the beginning of Spring with a feast of fish, long noodles, and sweets.
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