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Dhadiz Occupation (d͡ʒəˈdiz)

  Mark my words. The Jadinth will come for us here. You will never be safe.


The Dhadiz nation was located between Jadinth and Nicaba, around the Autumn Sea. At the height of their society, they were known for their universities and their stance on religious freedom. The Dhadiz had even settled a colony on the planet of Qwen.

Jadinth Invasion

Though the Dhadiz had superior universities and were more technologically advanced, their neighboring countries had both superior landmass and larger populations. Jadinth, at the time, was experiencing off-and-on local conflicts between only loosely unified distrcits. When they became wholly unified, national representatives traveled to nearby countries, including Dhadiz and Nicaba on diplomatic visits.

Virion Outbreak

Unfortunately, the unificantion of Jadinth occurred around the same time as an outbreak of Virion among the Dhadiz. The Dhadiz declared a temporary closure of its space program, so as not to spread the illness to its colony. Though they receieved some aid from other nations, the Dhadiz experienced great loss of life and economic hardship, and as the nation got the illness under control, the Jadinth invaded.
When a second outbreak occurred, duing the Virion Pandemic, Jadinth leaders used this as an excuse to quarantine Dhadiz people who they claimed may have been asymptomatic carriers of the disease. Many of them were sent to the island of Saal, whereas others were sent to areas in the sourthern area of the country. The homes of the quarantined were usually seized and given to Jadinth families.

Cultural Erasure

During its occupation, Jadinth has slowly rolled out laws to eliminate aspects of Dhadiz culture. First, there was a takeover of Dhadiz univerisities, in which new curriculums were introduced, forcing professors to teach in line with Jadinth politics and religion. This trickled down to other schools, and was soon followed by a prohibition on teaching in the Dhadiz language. Shortly afterward, there was a ban on printing books in the Dhadiz language, and is expected to be followed by the closing of Dhadiz temples. The bans have given rise to rebellions, like the Bronzewalkers, who work to preserve the language and culture and undermine the Jadinth government. Those who have been caught have typically been quarantined.

The Rise of the Bronzewalkers

The Bronzewalkers are an underground organization that formed during the Dhadiz Occupation to secretly promote Dhadiz culture, language, and literacy. They helped deliver religious texts and other books around the country, as well as set up underground schools to teach children to read and write in their own language.
Later, the Bronzewalkers began to advocate more openly for overthrowing the Jadinth government, and the Jadinth government put down several armed revolts. The most famous occured in the city of Raskas, after which Matthais Hoffman, "the hangman," was employed to quell the uprisings.
Sympathetic groups in other countries united with the Bronzewalkers, helping locate homes for Dhadiz people who had fled, both legally and illegally. In Melzi, they even began a publication to gain outside support. It ultimately failed, however, when the Melzi government also began to identify them as terrorists.
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