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War Over Elsewood


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha hee heeh hehehehe hhehehe heh ha ha ha ha ha ahaaaaa!!!"


    Someone Elsewood is a very controversial Elite Espionage agent at the W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. organization. He has been described as volatile, crazy, unstable, and untrustworthy. He is liable to do whatever he pleases at any given moment. General Rigotto believes that this counts as grounds of dismissal from the entire agency, but Commander McCox aligns with the popular belief that Elsewood is simply too good of an agent to let go. Most people feel that it would be more of a risk to expel Someone from the force because his results are unlike any other operative in the history of the company. Against all odds, Elsewood has taken down elusive criminals, foiled elaborate schemes, retrieved important intel, and entertained the whole of the agency with his quirky antics. Rigotto does not think it is wise to trust Someone with secrets, devices, and access. He is afraid that, one day, Elsewood will become angry, go completely crazy, or just get bored and blow something up. He doesn't find it at all a good idea to let Someone in on dangerous missions and give him the keys to high-risk areas.  
  Since near the beginning of Someone's run, Rigotto has been extremely suspicious of Someone. As the agent slowly began to show his true colors, the General knew that his fears were confirmed and suggested to the board that he be removed. Unfortunately for him, the board disagreed. Every point Rigotto brought up as a reason for dismissal, the board saw as a reason to let Someone stay. He even went as far as to compile a ledger of the history of all the money that Elsewood had cost the company in collateral damages during his tenure. This included lost, stolen, and destroyed devices, vehicles, and even buildings. The affected property often directly belonged to W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P., but Rigotto also accounted for the public and private property that the agency was responsible for taking care of in regards to operations, and valuables the organization had been charged to protect. Even still, the board came up with a rebuttal; a projection of how much funding W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. would have been out of had Elsewood not successfully accomplished his greatest feats. This greatly outweighed the General's statements. Angered, Rigotto set out to prove that Someone was a dangerous man, but McCox stood by Elsewood's side, always defending him.  
  Despite these efforts, Someone did not make a good case for himself. He claimed not to care about anyone or anything, so he kept being careless. McCox advised him to tone things down, but Someone would not listen. Eventually, the Elite ended up pulling a dangerous stunt that nearly cost him his life (and the life of the ward he was tasked to keep safe). This angered Rigotto, disappointed McCox, and moved the board to "take action" in the form of suspending Someone to desk duty unless or until he agreed to work with a partner (at which point they would allow him back into the field without question). Rigotto did not at all find this an acceptable form of punishment. Someone had caused a helicopter explosion at the Nation's Capital. This was no laughing matter, but Someone was sitting there chuckling about. Rigotto was quoted as wanting to "walk right up to Elsewood and punch him all the way to The Styrax". Fortunately, the General was able to keep his composure and remain civil, but he fought hard to make sure that Someone would be found guilty of something worse; something that would get him put away for a very long time in Dionaea Muscipula. McCox continued to encourage Someone, finding multiple potential candidates for him to choose to accept as a partner, but Elsewood still refused. It wasn't until McCox came up with a clever trick to pair him with Constance Harbor (after her partner Sarah Shipley was injured to the point of no return) that Someone finally agreed. He still refuses to consider her his partner, however. He only refers to her as an "Obligatory Associate".  
  Even now, more than ever, the war over Elsewood continues. Rigotto has armed himself with ammunition against the operative, jumping at every opportunity to bring him down. He finds any dirt he can on Elsewood. He hires spies to keep watch over him, just waiting for him to slip up. He even goes as far as to set elaborate traps, simulate missions, and fabricate experiences in controlled environments so that he can monitor Someone's every move and cause chaos in hopes that something will finally push him over the edge-- something bad enough for the board to contemplate ending him for good.
Commander McCox Gives Newbies the Rundown:   Someone Elsewood...I told you about him, right? Yeah. I thought so. He's one of the best agents here, and a lot of Introductory Interns like you aspire to follow in his footsteps. That's a good thing. But, it's also a bad thing. The guy is controversial, not gonna lie, but he has some interesting ways about him.   Overall, wanting to be like him is well received here at the agency, but there are some people who absolutely DESPISE the dude. General Rigotto? He's my direct. He doesn't agree with me assigning Elsewood to a lot of the missions I put him on but, heck, he gets the job done, doesn't he? Bruce Machete also isn't too fond of the guy. That's probably because they used to be partners---uh, obligatory associates or whatever. And there was a bit of drama and a whole thing blew up, quite literally. But, all in all, Elsewood's a great guy. Constance likes him. Well, tolerates him. Same thing, right?

Conflict Type
Civil War
Start Date
Late Spring, 2014 (when Elsewood was first recruited)
Ending Date
This is an ongoing battle


For Elsewood

Led by

Against Elsewood

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Though many people who are for Elsewood maintaining employment at W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. remain under the rankings of most who are against it, there is power in numbers. It also seems that some of the highest ranking personnel in all of the agency have mysteriously taken a liking to him.
The people who are against Elsewood have an advantage because many Higher-Ups agree with this notion. Their positions allow their claims to receive more consideration. They also have authorization to orchestrate test missions and observe him using advanced surveilance tactics.


According to this side, there have been little to no casualties as a result of Elsewood. They argue that there would be much more loss without him.
According to this side, there have been entirely too many casualties in various forms; operatives, property, money, time, and much more.


Those who are for Elsewood desire that he maintain his position at the company for continued success and, admittedly, entertainment. Many believe he is misunderstood by those who oppose him for thinking outside of the box. They seek to prove that Someone just may be the best agent in the history of the organization.
Those against Elsewood would like to see him off the force for good. They'd also find it beneficial to make an example out of him to discourage all the operatives and interns who look up to the agent and aspire to be like him. Many would like him sent to the The Styrax for mental health care, or The Fly Trap because they believe he is diabolical and knows exactly what he's doing.
While many at W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. consider themselves for or against Elsewood, there are still a multitude of employees who have never heard of him, have no opinion about the situation, or simply come to work to do their jobs and leave.   Ironically, Someone has been quoted to say "I don't care about anything or anyone, not even myself", which clearly spells out his own stance on the matter. As others fight over him, he continues to do as he pleases not worrying which way anything goes...so long as he isn't forced to work with a partner.


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8 Aug, 2023 07:00

Sounds like General Rigotto is going to become a psychopath while trying to stop a psychopath.
How long until the "simulated" missions will backfire and do even more harm than even Elsewood on his own would cause?
A tale old as time: When good becomes crazy and crazy becomes evil.

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Eternal Sage Wordigirl
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8 Aug, 2023 11:35

lol indeed! I think he's already gone quite mad. XP

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