The entire organization. W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. or Willowisp stands for Worldwide Independent League of Leasable Operatives, Watchers, Intelligence, and Spy Personnel.
Commander McCox Gives Newbies the Rundown:     Hello there. My name is Commander McCox, and I work at an elite spy organization known as W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.: Worldwide Independent League of Leasable Operatives Watchers Intelligence and Spy Personnel.   Today, you’re going to learn all about our company and see if becoming an agent is something you’re interested in. If, at the end of this course, you decide this isn’t the right path… sorry bud. They’re probably going to send you to The Styrax and… CCLLLLKK… because you already know TOOO MUCH… so I suggest you sit down and buckle up because, from this moment forward, you are a spy. No turning back now.   Anyway, no need to look alarmed. Spying is fun! Dangerous, yes, but really fun. You’ll meet lots of cool people. There’s Bruce Machete. He’s a highly-trained operative from California who knows his way around. He could definitely show you a thing or two. Who else…? OH! We’ve got Constance Harbor and her partner Sarah Shipley. They’re out on a mission in India, but once they get back… they are the DREAM TEAM. You can definitely pick up some lessons from those two…   What else??? I don’t usually teach the classes. Ms. Terry and Mr. E do that stuff. They cover spies of the past and all sorts of things you should and shouldn’t do, like when MIA OP 703 and MIA OP 439 half-foiled Rodrigo Mercio’s grand scheme to steal a painting back in 1996. Blew up the whole museum almost. You know, that’ll be in the “Things That Went Horribly Wrong That You Should Not Attempt” category or whatever they call it. Speaking of Mercio, you’ll find out about other criminals that were taken down in the past, and learn of some that are on the prowl now, ready for you to take them down. You’ll learn about the big scary rival organization–   g a s p* Look behind you! That guy who just walked by? Someone Elsewood. Yep. That’s his name… Well, probably not, but that’s what everybody calls him. He never tells anybody his real name because he’s basically crazy. You have GOT to meet him, though. He is crazy as heck but he is the best agent on the force. The absolute best. Hands down. You might want to talk to him… won’t guarantee you’ll gain anything from the conversation because he is crazy, but it’s worth a shot to at least say hi. He’s crazy though, so be warned. He has some very unconventional approaches to his missions, and he refuses to work with a partner, but he always gets the job done-- even if he only narrowly escapes with his life. Did I tell you that he’s crazy? I mentioned he was crazy, right?   Oop. I gotta take this phone call. Have fun, kid. You’re in for a wild and crazy ride.


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