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Bruce Machete

Bruce Machete (a.k.a. Brucester)

Someone Elsewood's ex partner Obligatory Associate.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bruce is very fit. He likes to eat healthy and go to the gym often.

Body Features

His stereotypical surfer bod is complete with toned abs, buns, and guns.

Facial Features

His bright, straight teeth, stunning jawline, deep blue eyes, and brows that arch just below a fallen strand of his dark brown messy fringe are all a part of his signature handsome look.

Apparel & Accessories

Bruce wears a lot of black, navy blue, and dark grey. When not wearing his tactical suit, he dons tight, short sleeve muscle tees.

Personality Characteristics


Bruce gains satisfaction in being efficient in his craft. He enjoys training and mentoring other young spies, and feels accomplished when others look up to him.

Likes & Dislikes

Bruce is very annoyed at Someone Elsewood because he was assigned to partner with him to assist with the Veradis Operation. He heard that Someone was crazy, but thought that he could work with him. Unfortunately, Someone went to drastic measures to make sure he would not come along. Now, Bruce is convinced his ex partner is a lost cause and should be banished to the Dionaea Muscipula. He avoids Someone when he can, but also takes advantage of every opportunity to report the agent's outlandish actions to General Rigotto with whom he is very close (though most percieve he is only making an effort to get on the General's good side for brownie points).


Contacts & Relations

General Rigotto thinks fondly of Bruce and often directly asks him to take on elite operations. The General is also aware that Bruce is an excellent source of the latest Someone Elsewood gossip. Both bruce and Rigotto have a mutual disliking of Elsewood and are often believed to be plotting his discharge or banishment to Dionaea Muscipula.


Bruce speaks like a chill dude. He hardly ever shows extreme anger. He can be found leaning against a wall, folding his arms, or in any pose that shows off his muscular figure.
Commander McCox Gives Newbies the Rundown:   Bruce is a cool, calm, collected Californian. He's young but he knows a lot. He's already an Elite. I thought that meant it would be okay back when General Rigotto wanted me to partner him with Elsewood, but my gut told me Elsewood was NOT going to deal. He didn't want some younger guy babysitting him. He didn't want a partner at all. I told him that I was only trying to get Rigotto off his neck, but Elsewood just didn't shut up. Finally, he calmed when I told him to work it out in the car. If I'd known how he was gonna interpret that, I would have rephrased.   * s i g h *   After Elsewood messed him up, Bruce never wanted to be anywhere near him again. Now, he stays on the lookout for any opportunity to report every little thing Elsewood does straight to Rigotto. My gut says General's got the dude wrapped around his finger. Surely Bruce doesn't mind. He jumps at every chance to get on his good side.
short, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
fair (white)
155 lbs
Aligned Organization


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