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Destruction of the Demarn Army Encampment

The Conflict


After three centuries of losing ground in their attempt to hold back the Udynean border lords from claiming more land, the Demarn army was already on the back foot with very little left to give in an all-out assault. The current army encampment had stood for a few decades, as did the front line, but everyone knew it was only a matter of time.   The final push by the border lords began after the Udynea Empire's current vris Mhanek, Darshan, ordered them to stand down as per the orders from their Mhanek from several generations back (the same orders that had covertly been ignoring under the guise of protecting their people from the rabid Demarn troops). Instead of immediately recalling their troops, the border lords opted for one final push to decimate the army grounds before retreating.


The border lords saw to it that the Demarn scouts were lured into vulnerable positions, before attacking the front line. After the fore defence was destroyed to the last man, they swiftly marched on to obliterate the rest of the army. The combined efforts of their magical attacks was enough to alert a King's Hounds stationed several days' ride away in Toptower.   For the first time in decades, the Demarn army faced off with an entire troop of spellsters. Having only a handful of leashed ones in their ranks, many of whom were deployed in scouting missions, they were outmatched and thousands succumbed to the will of hundreds in a matter of hours.


  • Thousands of Demarn citizens lost their lives. A handful more were enslaved.
  • Demarn's main army encampment was utterly destroyed.
  • The Borderside Skirmish was considered finished by the Udynean border lords. Demarn disagrees.
  • Dylan emerged as the last surviving Demarn spellster.
  • The mercenary company, Danny's Cutthroats was eradicated save for one member.
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Conflict Result
The entirety of Demarn's standing army was wiped out.



Several thousand troops, including a handful of leashed spellsters.
Several thousand, including over a hundred spellsters.


All of them.
Couple hundred slaves.


To keep Udynea from further invasion.
To claim more land for their estates.


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