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The Sobek First Contact War

While patroling the frontiers of terran space, a cruiser came close to an unsurveyed system, when suddently all contact was lost.

The Conflict


While patroling the frontiers of Terran space, a Star Navy cruiser came close to an unsurveyed system, when suddently an alarm called out before all contact was lost.
This prompted the Terran Star Navy to move a larger fleet to the area, were they found the missing cruiser free-floating in space, with a large round hole in the starboard hull.
The terran ships didn't reach the cruiser before several medium sized starships of a foreign design were shooting towards them.
The ensuing skirmish was the start of the Sobek First Contact War.


Most of the battles in the war was space battles in Sobek space.


The Sobek wanted to aggressively defend what they considered their territory, and the Terrans wanted war reparations and revenge.


The few skirmishes that occured mostly ended in pyrrhic victories for the Terrans.
They managed to win every larger battle, but the cost in destruction of their ships was immensely expensive.
The war ended in a Terran withdrawal and an uneasy truce with the newly encountered species.
The war had simply costed too many ships and too many lives, and the Terrans needed to remuster.


The uneasy truce between the two species held up in most parts.
The Terrans of the frontier and the Sobek started mingling and trade started to happen.
It took a long time for trust to build, and soften the blow from the aggressive first contact, but today Sobek can be encountered living in most Terran space.

Historical Significance


The brutal efficiency of the Sobek ramming spacecraft, dubbed the Sarco, still stands as a testiment to the bravery and strength of the Sobek species, and they are respected as a force to be reckoned with.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The Terran forces withdrew and contact was established


The Terran Star Navy
The Sobek Warbands


The much larger and more coherent fleet of the two. The strength in the Terran fleet was both numbers and the ability to control and direct a large fleet.
Lesser warbands of Sobek who all worked individually. Less coordinated, fewer in nubers, but more impressive ships.


Many heavily crewed large vessels were lost to the Sobeks' Sarco spacecrafts
Few Sobek withdrew and most who entered conflict lost their lives.


The Terrans met a random unknown threat, and were fighting to learn more while hopefully pacifying the mysterious assailants.
War reparations and revenge for the lost lives drove the Terrans to instigate more battles than nescessary before learning their lesson.
The Sobek warbands saw a new threat entering their territory, and sought to bring a quick end to anyone treading where they didn't belong.
I made this world because my mind keeps rambling, and instead of stopping it, I'm riding the wave.
It started with a picture in my mind of a tiger man in a small spacecraft following a giant tiger in space, in the tone of old saturday morning cartoons and the Heavy Metal animated movie.
Then came the idea of his occational ally, a woman in space flying a small asteroid. The more I wrote on her, the more I got intrigued by the past, I deviced.
Right now the flow is focused on her background - namely all related to The Genesis Project.
I do all of the writing and almost all of the drawing myself at this point.
My hope for Star Tiger is a published story or a graphical novel, but my big dream is an animated show.

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