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Doodles Most Foul | Member Since 14 Aug, 2022
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Just another semi-dysfunctional guy getting his creative outlet and hopefully see at least one creation finished in his lifetime.

Interests & Hobbies

Tabletop Roleplaying is a big time stealer, playing piano, singing, drawing (people mostly)

Favorite Movies

Mad Max Under The Thunderdome and Fury Road, Robocop, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Avengers: Infinity War

Favorite TV Series

Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Arcane, The Midnight Gospel, Sherlock, Trailer Park Boys

Favorite Books

Watchmen, The Shining, The Heroin Diaries

Favorite Games

The Fallout Series, Crusader Kings, Civilization, Minecraft, the old Assassin's Creed games, Pokemon, Stardew Valley, Fire Emblem Three Houses