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Arcetian Uprisisng

"The Nyxian's won't stop till they have conquered all of Arcet again. For those of you old enough to know the tragedy of losing a home you understand why. For those of you that don't look behind you at the beautiful mountains, plains, and rivers. Now imagine them covered in blood, bodies, and horrific creatures. That was our home once was because of the Nyxians. We have a second chance to have a home. We will fight to maintain it till our last breath."   ~ General Catherine BloodIron

The Conflict


After the fall of the Raven King and the destruction of Arcet it was believed that Arcet would never become habitable in the near future. When the Raven King returned and was felled by the Chaos Kids Arcet was restored to its natural state long before it was first settled. When reports of the occurrence started make its rounds through the courts all started to move to lay claim to a piece of the territory.

The Engagement

The first recorded conflict occured to the east of the Spined Mountains between the Karthazan Mountaineers and the Arcetian Rebels. The skirmish resulted in no casualties on either side but severely impacted the Mountaineers ability to continue into the territory. The reports of Arcetian presence within the territory put other explorers on alert, but didn't prevent future attacks. The Arcetians had the advantage of knowing the territory and a smaller, mobile attacking force.   With attacks becoming more frequent within Arcet the Nyxian Alliance stated it would assist the colonization of Arcet, but the territory would be divided by them at the conclusion of the conflict. With bolstered forces the Arcetians started to face losses for the first time in the conflict and had to retreat. With a foothold at the border of Narthar and the Spined Mountains the Nyxian Alliance established bases to launch operations deeper into Arcet.
Conflict Type


Nyxian Alliance
Arcetian Rebels


10,000 Soldiers 1,000 Siege Equipment 500 Warhorses
Approximately 2,000 adult soldiers and 1,000 adolescent soldiers. Unknown assets


2,300 casualties and 250 pieces of equipment destroyed or stolen.
Unknown number of casualties


Reclaim the Arcet and integrate the territory back into Nyxian rule.
Repel the Nyxian Alliance and establish a new government in Arcet to gain independence.


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Aug 8, 2023 23:51 by Diane Morrison

You have everything important here that's required for a military conflict article; who is fighting, why are they fighting, how many were involved, what was the outcome, what were factors that contributed to that outcome, and what were the results, both short and long term. Good job! I'd like to know more about the politics that led up to this situation; if the Raven King disappeared and that left a power vacuum, by what criteria are the Arcetians "rebels" if no one was ruling them? I'd also love to know a little more about the details of the conflict. How did this battle happen in which there were no casualties? I mean, that's really interesting! It's unusual! I'm also a little confused about where things stand right now. I gather the Arcetians are losing now? How badly are they losing? Do they have plans for a counterattack? But all in all, a good article and I'd love to know more. Well done!

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