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The Solemn Vow of Captain Bob Finch

The Dragongem Jeweler tells its customers of a terrible pirate that lived long ago by the name of Captain Bob Finch who corraled the sea dragons Tiadora herself in an effort to put an end to her guardianship over Cape Zaffre. In a strategic battle, Maena, the original and founding owner of the establishment, defeated the pirates with underhanded tactics and freed Tiadora. Since that day, the pirates under Bob Finch's command vowed vengeance, and have held a longstanding grudge through the ages that they would one day claim the wealth of Cape Zaffre for their own!   The menacing leader of pirates take on the name "Dread Captain Bob Finch" as a sign of the passing of his grudge from one captain to another through the ages, perpetuating the legacy of this deep grudge against the Sea Dragons and the promise to steal their treasure for their own selfish ambitions.  

Dread Captain Bob Finch: The Pirate King of Vengeance

Long ago, the original Captain Bob Finch was a respected sailor and skilled navigator who lived in harmony with the sea. But The Valley of Leshiven is not a fertile land, and is prone to potential famines resulting in the need to ration food in the winter. Fed up with this lot in life and wanting to enrich the whole valley itself, he took on a personal vow to steal the abundant riches of others and bring them to Leshiven to help his people.   It did not take long for this desire to become corrupted. A greed for wealth took over him, and seeing that because he was putting in the effort to save himself, all others should do the same. The people of Leshiven were merely weak fools, he thought, and decided to pillage them as a test of his resolve.   He and his entire crew were attacked by Tiadora, Sea Dragon infamous for protecting the lands of Leshiven. They barely had a boat to escape on, before they crashed onto a deserted island, and rebuilt their ship together.   In him, feelings of betrayal boiled, and he fashioned a plan to kill Tiadora. The people of Leshiven are weak who must learn to fight and take for themselves what they need to survive, he thought. And he decided to kill Tiadora to prove this to them.   His plan was ultimately foiled, and the pirates left once again licking their wounds.  

Vow of Vengeance

After the original Captain Bob Finch died, the assembled crew of pirates -desperate sailors and mercenaries - took on the mantle of his cause with the dreams of unimaginable wealth. They became known as the Dread Pirate Bob Finch, as a if a revenant or possessed sailor, and others feared their ruthlessness and tactical brilliance in navigating treacherous waters.  
Campaign Notes: Redeming the Dread Captain Bob Finch
The Dread Captain Bob Finch's relentless pursuit of the Sea Dragons' treasure and his desire for vengeance add a thrilling layer of conflict and drama of Cape Zaffre. As he clashes with the players, he should embody the dark shadow that tests the boundaries of harmony and the ultimate question of whether redemption and understanding can conquer the thirst for power and revenge.   Though Dread Captain Bob Finch is a formidable villain driven by vengeance, this is a vengeance he has inheritted through, let's be honest, generational trauma perpetuating by the systemic issue that is poverty. Thus, there is potential for a captivating redemption arc. Through encounters with the players, he may find the opportunity for self-reflection and realize that true power lies not in stolen riches but in understanding and respecting the harmony of the world around him. Plus, everyone loves reformed pirates, because the chaos becomes hillarious.
Definitely not a reference Captain Jack Sparrow or the Dread Pirate Roberts.


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Aug 7, 2023 20:51 by Diane Morrison

Not what I was expecting for a military conflict article! I think I was looking more for details on the conflict itself? What happened in the fight? On the other hand, I can't help but appreciate the thematic elements here (I'm a sucker for fictional pirates, I admit it, especially The Princess Bride) and I love your campaign notes, as you delineate for GMs what they can get out of using this, and why they might want to. Really interesting!

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