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Dragongem Jeweler

Nestled within a quaint coastal town, there is a mysterious and magical jeweler's shop known for selling exquisite pieces of jewelry to befit even sea dragons and their hoards.  

Maena: Sea-chosen and Gem-favored

As the story goes, The shop's owner, an enigmatic figure named Maena, was rumored to have been gifted with extraordinary luck. It seemed no matter where she went, she found hoards and treaure troves of gems. The village could not fathom her luck, but Maena hid a secret. In her dreams, she would often find herself heading to these locations just when she was running low on stock. Lo and behold, when she traced her dream's steps, there would be a vein of ore for her to collect.  

Tiadora: The Sea Herself, Scaleclad by the Moon

The ancient sea dragon herself, Tiadora, had taken a liking to Maena's skills, and chosen her as a Luminaut back before anyone was a Luminaut. Favored sailors shakily spoke of the ancient sea dragon who was a wise and gentle creature known for her protective nature and could look into the heard of each sailor and captain going into Leshiven. Pirates were struck down in her wake. And it was thought that Tiadora's lair was said to be filled with a vast hoard of treasure she had collected over centuries from the greedy and maligned, including exquisite gemstones and precious metals from shipwrecks and long-lost treasures of the sea.  

The Fateful Night: The Fires

Maena dreamed that night of a serpant larger than she had ever dreamed that squirmed in a purple-red sea. It scales were as if silver were dipped in each a seperate gem, eyes sparkling like diamonds, fangs and claws of curling ebony and copper. It was harpooned and thrashing. It was surrounded by three boats. Maena then heard a voice plead to her. Find me. Help me.   She awoke to a stormy night in a cold sweat, and without a second thought rushed to her family's boat and paddled off into the ocean. The tide rose to carry her, and creatures of the sea rushed to her aid, and the three boats appeared asm shadows hunched over the ocean. Horrible roars echoed from their center.  

A Heist of Oil, Flint, and Steel

Humble in origins as Maena was, she boarded the ships, in their lower decks shivering. She looked out toward the serpent - to the sea dragon herself. Instilled with deep awe and fear, she sensed an ancient bond between herself and Tiadora - a dreamy familiarity, and steeled herself.   Aboard each ship, with the help of the sea creatures to distract the pirates, she lined the bottom decks of the ship with oil barrels, equiped sea otter and octopus - yes, sea otters and octopus - with flint and steel. On her exit, they would they light the base deck. She dove back out through a window in the bottom deck and - the rest fades to black.  

A Salty Retreat

Not all the ships fell that day. All the remaining pirates climbed into one ship and bitterly sailed away, swearing revenge. And the injured sea dragon, Tiadora, swam back to her village before collapsing from her wounds.   The village huddled together in fear, but Maena recounted her tale, the dreams, her luck, the wealth and beauty of their village. Settled and unafraid, the village drew their resources together to help the dragon. They traded every jewel away just to afford the medicine and labor needed to nurse Tiadora back to health.   So touched by the kindness of the village and their commitment to the balance of the sea, Tiadora taught them the secrets of the ocean, from the Marald language, to the magic of the Kulta Mar Herb. All that she knew she passed onto the villagers. And the very next day, lining the coast were gems from Tiadora's hoard as far as they eye could see.  

A Jeweler's Dragonhoard

The shop itself is now a sight to behold, designed to evoke the tranquility and mystery of Tiadora's lair. Its entrance is adorned with delicate seashells, and the walls are decorated with pearls and shimmering aquatic gems, mimicking the glowing underwater world. Soft hues of blue and green cascaded from the ceiling, creating an ethereal atmosphere feels as though they were immersed in the ocean's embrace.   At the Dragongem Jeweler, Maena's descendents craft exquisite jewelry using the enchanted gemstones Maena and the village had received as a gift from Tiadora. Each piece carried a unique story, reflecting the colors and emotions of the sea.


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