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Kulta Mar: "Gold Darling"

The Kulta Mar is an herb unique to the region of Leshiven. Its often refered to by its second name "Gold Darling".

The Gold Darling is an aquatic plant with slender, willow-like leaves that shimmer with a soft, golden glow in the moonlight. Underneath the water's surface, its roots form intricate patterns that resemble a delicate web. When it blooms, it produces small, iridescent bulbs in various shades of purple and blue. When cut and taken out of the water, it emits a calming fragrance.  

Magical Properties

The Gold Darling possesses natural dream-enhancing properties. When ingested or used in a sleep sachet, its essence gently calms the mind, allowing for a restful and peaceful slumber. It is particularly effective in soothing recurring nightmares, easing the fears that plague a restless mind.   It also contain potent analgesic properties in its flowers and leaves. When prepared as a topical ointment or tea, it can help alleviate chronic pain caused by various ailments - such as arthritis, muscle soreness, or migraines.   And finally, this aquatic plant is known to have a positive impact on one's emotional well-being. Its essence promotes a sense of tranquility and harmony, helping to ease feelings of anxiety and stress.  

Harvesting and Preparation

To harness the magical properties of the Gold Darling, the plant needs to be harvested carefully. Expert herbalists carefully gather the plant during the full moon or undersea aurora when its energy is at its peak. The leaves and flowers are then tenderly dried to retain their potency.  

Medicinal Uses

The Gold Darling Herb is a treasured and sought-after aquatic plant, tended to by wise herbalists who use its magical properties to aid those in need. Its gentle and calming effects make it a popular remedy among the network of village communities, fostering a sense of well-being and harmony in their lives.   The Darling's Tea A soothing tea made from dried herb's leaves and flowers. It is often sipped before bedtime to encourage sweet dreams and a restful sleep. If sipped during the day, the effect helps lessen the anxieties and stresses of the day.  

Serenity's Salve

A topical ointment made from infused Gold Darling oil. It is applied to areas of chronic pain to provide relief and reduce inflammation.  

Seashield Tonic

If fermented for three months Gold Darling Herb produces a vinegar which can be injested to alleviate emotional distress or to protect against malevolent dreams. Magic users gain a unique benefit from drinking this elixir, as it renders them immune to emotion altering spells and illusions for an hour.  

Reccomended Use and Cautions

While Gold Darling Herb is generally safe when used properly, excessive consumption or usage may lead to drowsiness during the daytime. It is essential to follow the guidance of skilled herbalists or Aquamancers to ensure its appropriate and safe usage.


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