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Marald: Glow of the Coastlanders

Marald is a mystical and silent form of communication used exclusively underwater by the inhabitants of coastal Leshiven. It is an intricate blend of subtle gestures, flowing movements, and bioluminescent displays, allowing sentient beings to interact and understand one another without the need for spoken words. Marald forms a vital part of the underwater society, promoting empathy, harmony, and a deep connection with nature and fellow beings. The silence of this language fosters a serene and enchanting ambiance, where even the most intricate of feelings can be conveyed without a single spoken word.  

Subtle Gestures

Marald is subtle and simplistic. It involves graceful and fluid movements of the whole body, with a focus on the eyes, expression, hand gestures in relation to the rest of the body, and posture. Each movement has a specific meaning, akin to a sign language, allowing for more complex expressions and emotional nuances.  

Bioluminescent Signatures

Every individual in the coastal Leshiven village community is expected to undergo a ritual to allow them to emit bioluminescence. This involves taking crystals unique to the area - Aurorite - grinding it down into a powder, and disolving it in a vinegar produced from the Kulta Mar, or Gold Darling. Drinking this slurry gives the recipient a deep connection to the ocean for 6 months. After that period the bioluminescence fades.   But for that time, they possesses a unique bioluminescent pattern on their skin. These patterns act as their personal signatures in Marald. When communicating, they can project their patterns in different colors and intensities, adding depth and nuance to their messages. At times, bioluminescence may be all that is needed to communicate.  

Color Expression

In addition to their bioluminescent signatures, those speaking Marald can change the colors and intensity of their patterns to convey emotions or emphasis. For instance, a vibrant blue might represent calmness, while a flashing red could signify urgency.

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Aug 5, 2023 10:47

Love this! The combination of gestures and colors is great, seeing someone talk in Marald must be a spectacle.

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