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Undersea Aurora

The undersea aurora is a magical phenomenon where the interactions of special bioluminescent creatures, ancient crystals, and powerful ley lines create the awe-inspiring display. The aurora ebbs and flows in intensity, and its colors range from soft pastels to vibrant hues, depending on the emotional energy of the inhabitants of the coastlanders.  

The Verdant Coast and Her Denizens

The underwater world is teeming with magical creatures that come to life during the aurora. Luminescent fish, majestic sea turtles, and playful sea otters roam the ocean floor. Additionally, ancient sea dragons, benevolent in nature, are the guardians of the aurora. They are wise creatures with the ability to communicate with the coastlanders through their dreams, offering guidance and protection.

Guardians of the Aurora

The villagers of the coast believe in maintaining a delicate balance between the surface world and the underwater realm. They have individuals known as "Auroralists" or "Luminauts," who act as guardians of this balance.

Gemstones of the Sea

The ocean floor is adorned with unique, luminescent crystals called "Aurorite." These crystals possess magical properties and are said to be connected to the source of the undersea aurora. They are highly valued by the coastlanders, who use them in various aspects of their daily lives, including art.

Aurorite also has a deceptive quality to it, as no one is quite sure if it is a dead or a living thing. Smooth chips of the crystals can be seen often on the surface of the ocean even when no undersea aurora is taking place. However, when diving into the sea in the dark of the night, the crystals have been observed to suddenly light up and flow. Whether this is simply reacting to the sudden movement or otherwise - it leaves an impression on anyone taking a dip in the dark tides for the first time.

The Sparkling Seabed

The ocean depths are full of secrets and hidden treasures. Mysterious ancient ruins lie scattered across the seabed, and some believe they hold the key to the origins of the undersea aurora.

A Warning from the Deep

Since the dimming of The Hearth, the auroras have become much more frequent, the dreams cast upon the denizens much more frantic.

This has prompted many explorers, accompanied by sea creatures and guided by the aurora's light, to embark on quests to uncover these secrets and safeguard the delicate balance of their world.

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