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Bioluminescence is a core component of the language Marald and requires a ritual for someone to acquire the glow. But glowing has disadvantages for a community of fisherman, hunters, and the like. While this is certainly a drawback, the ability of to produce light has its advantages.  

A Youthful Glow

In the underwater world or in areas with limited natural light, bioluminescence provides a gentle and enchanting glow that helps creatures navigate and communicate in the darkness. It serves as a reliable source of illumination during the night, aiding nocturnal species in their activities.   If one does not wish to be percieved, there are methods of reduving ones glow through emotional discipline, but also by wearing bulky clothing. As such, it is fairly common to tell the difference between someone comfortable speaking Marald, and someone who is not.  

Camouflage and Defense

Some have trained their bioluminescent abilities to blend into their surroundings, making it challenging for others to spot them. By controlling the intensity and color of their light, they can mimic ambient light patterns and remain hidden from potential threats.  

Communication and Social Interaction

Bioluminescence allows communication across a distance, and speakers may use specific light patterns to signal mates, warn of danger, or coordinate group movements. This form of communication fosters complex social structures and enhances the survival of the village as a whole.  

Luring in Prey

Those proficient can also use their bioluminescence to lure in the curious fish. The light serves as a captivating signal in the darkness, drawing attention from potential mates or unsuspecting prey.  

Tourism and Aesthetics

In Cape Zaffre, where bioluminescence is common, it has become a popular hub for those looking to enjoy the night life, as festival dances become a light show, resplendent and dazzeling. Witnessing the enchanting glow of the sea and her people at night can create memorable and magical experiences for travellers, fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world and its magic.


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Aug 24, 2023 19:10 by Domenick DeMaria

This is a cool condition with many possibilities. I wonder what species can acquire it and how they may do so.