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The Sea Dragons

The Sea Dragons are constructs of the The Hearth, built to protect it from any maligned outside force that would misuse its sun-like flame. For the denizens of The Valley of Leshiven, and particularly Cape Zaffre - The Sea Dragons are crucial to their society and way of life - as time-honored guardians of the ocean.  

Creation of the Leviathan

When the first Sea Dragon was made out of Living Metal, it warped and wrapped around the central flame as the oceans boiled and seethed. As the world cooled and the hearth dimmed, the seadragon became cloaked in the newly teeming life, forming a symbiosis of metal and flesh. Since then, the sea dragons have been a harmonious union, symbolizing their connection both to their place of creation and the world they were born to watch over.  

Seething Wrath of the Seas

Sea Dragons, as divine creations of the world, are able to easily understand the hearts and desires of those around them. While deeply empathetic, they are fierce defenders of life. No lie may pass from ones lips that does not instantly reveal itself to a sea dragon as cruel deception. For this reason, Sea Dragons are the sworn enemy of pirates. Peculiarly - most present-day Sea Dragons have a particular hatred toward those who have always pillaged and raided The Valley of Leshiven. However, for those that live in Cape Zaffre, they understand this to be due to the storied past of their prized establishment, Dragongem Jeweler  

Withered Ages of Time, Directionless

Tied to The Hearth, and connect to it's ocean, the Sea Dragons purpose has begun to dim with the Hearth. But instead of giving themselves to entropy and falling prey to the dissolution of their precepts, most sea dragons have taken up tasks with the mortals who dwell on land, in hopes of one day having formed such a deep connection, that should anything happen to the hearth, they could be taken to the very source of the problem, and save life itself.


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Aug 6, 2023 05:14 by Vivianne Morena

That version of Sea Dragons sounds amazing. I love that they found a direction of hope within land-folk :)

Aug 7, 2023 04:23 by Deleyna Marr

This story is beautiful. I was distracted reading the other story - of the jeweler - as well. For me, that's the sign of a master storyteller: when you can pull me in so that I read more even when I'm trying to read through a whole huge collection of stories. Lovely writing.