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Shattering of Unity

The Shattering of Unity stands as an early and profound crisis that shook the foundations of the Church of the Holy Triad in the days following The Great Collapse. This pivotal event occurred during the nascent years of the Church, testing its unity and resilience amidst the challenges posed by the untamed wilderness and the aftermath of the great collapse. The schism within the Church led to the emergence of two factions - the Triadists and the Skoltari - shaping the basin's spiritual beliefs, political landscape, and the interactions between its inhabitants.

Prelude to war

In the wake of the great collapse, the Umbrasol Basin struggled to rebuild and find its footing amidst the remnants of once-great civilizations and the encroaching wilderness. The newly formed Church of the Holy Triad emerged as a beacon of hope and stability for the basin's inhabitants, seeking to preserve the teachings of Trionis and bring unity to the people.

Schism forms

As the Church of the Holy Triad sought to establish its doctrines and principles, divisions arose among the early Thrice Blessed Servants. Among them was Skoltar, an influential figure who held a different interpretation of the Triadists' teachings. Skoltar's growing dissent and ambition led to disagreements with the Council of Twice Blessed servants, sparking a schism within the Church.

The Birth of the Skoltari

The schism resulted in the formation of two factions within the Church - the Triadists, who adhered to the original teachings and principles of the faith, and the Skoltari, followers of Skoltar who sought alternative paths to divine power. The growing divide threatened to tear the Church apart, and tensions escalated between the two factions.

The War

Skoltar's dissent and ambition led to an open rebellion against the Triadists' teachings and leadership. As a charismatic and influential figure, Skoltar attracted followers to his cause, resulting in a small faction within the Church breaking away to form the Skoltari.

Battle of Embershade Pass

The Battle of Embershade Pass was a significant and climactic engagement that took place in a narrow mountain pass known as Embershade Pass, located in the rugged and treacherous terrain beyond the Umbrasol Basin. This strategic mountain pass served as a vital gateway between the basin and the uncharted wilderness beyond the mountains in the North.
As the civil war between the Triadists and the Skoltari intensified, Skoltar, the charismatic and ambitious leader of the Skoltari faction, sought to lead his followes through the pass in order to gain access to the lands beyond it where he and his followers could grow in strength and return to defeat the forces of the church
The Battle of Embershade Pass was fierce and grueling, with both sides fully committed to victory. Skoltar led the charge, rallying his Skoltari forces with promises of power and triumph over the Triadists. The Triadists, outnumbering them greatly moved in for the kill
During the height of the battle, Skoltar engaged in a personal duel with one of the Triadists' most skilled champions, a legendary warrior known as Seraphin. The duel was intense and brutal, with both combatants fighting with fervor and determination. As the sun dipped below the horizon, signaling the onset of dusk, the two combatants clashed for what seemed like an eternity.
In a final, decisive moment, Seraphin's blade found its mark, striking down Skoltar with a single, powerful blow. With Skoltar's fall, the morale of the Skoltari forces wavered, and any hope within the Skoltari ranks of victory vanished, and their forces began to flee in terror.
With this final defeat the Skoltari forces were rounded up and brought back to the Basin to serve their punishment


After the end of the civil war it was discovered what Skoltar had done and the impact it had on his followers. With his death a curse was unleashed on all those who followed him making them sprout horns and marking to remind them of their abyssal dealings and turning their skin blue to remind them of what they had lost.


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