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Church of the Holy Triad

The Church of the Holy Triad, also known as the Trionis Cult, stands as one of the largest and most influential religious groups in the Umbrasol Basin. Worshiping the god Trionis, believed to be the original form of the primordial deities representing the earth, sea, and sky, the Triadists hold onto the belief that Trionis can be resurrected, offering a solution to the ever-encroaching chaos of the wildlands.
Founded by Aleron Veridian during the age of The Great Collapse, the church's teachings, known as the Aequilara, serve as a guiding light to the faithful, emphasizing temperance, and harmony.
The Triadists' unwavering devotion and adherence to their beliefs shape the region's religious and cultural landscape, influencing the delicate balance between civilization and the ever-encroaching wilderness.


Aleron's Revelation

Aleron Veridian, one of the revered heroes of old, founded the cult that eventually evolved into the Church of the Holy Triad. It was during the tumultuous age of the great collapse, when the wildlands threatened to consume the basin's ancient civilizations, that Aleron received a divine revelation about the true nature of the god Trionis. He took this new knowledge and rallied a force around himself securing the sites that would become the holy cities, and codifying his revelation in the first Aequilara marking the beginning of the church.

Shattering of Unity

The history of the Church of the Holy Triad is not without its dark chapters. One such pivotal event was the Shattering of Unity, a devastating civil war that erupted between two sects of the church - the Triadists and the Skoltari. The Skoltari were a group of servants who delved into heretical practices, diverging from the traditional teachings of the Triadists. This transgression led to bitter conflict within the church and their bloodlines being cursed.
In the aftermath of the fierce internal struggle, the Triadists emerged victorious, asserting their dominance over the Skoltari faction. The defeated Skoltari were subsequently enslaved as a consequence of their actions, a fate that continues to haunt their descendants to this day. The memory of the Shattering of Unity serves as a somber reminder of the consequences of straying from the path of the Triadists' teachings.
The Skoltari, once a faction within the Church of the Holy Triad, are now a marked and enslaved group due to their involvement in heretical practices. Their divergence from the mainstream teachings of the Triadists led to a cursed bloodline, marking the beginning of the Shattering of Unity. Today, the Skoltari live under the shadow of their past, bearing the burden of their ancestors' transgressions.

The Sacred Cities

The Church operates out of two holy cities: Trionara-on-Dawnlight and Trionara-on-Duskfall. Trionara-on-Dawnlight houses the revered head of the faith, known as The Thrice Blessed Servant, and is rumored to be the location where Aleron's divine revelation first occurred. Trionara-on-Duskfall serves as the meeting place for the council of Twice Blessed Servants. These cities are sacred to the Triadists and are closed off to outsiders, allowing only the faithful or those seeking conversion within their bounds.

Holy Symbol and Text

The Divine Triquetra, a symbol consisting of three interconnected points, represents the three aspects of Trionis - the earth, sea, and sky. Triadists revere this symbol and often wear it as a sign of their devotion. The Aequilara, the sacred texts of the faith, are attributed to Aleron and his successors. Written in the now-dead language of Trisyllan, spoken solely by the blessed servants, these texts hold the teachings and wisdom of the Church.


The Church of the Holy Triad is replete with symbolic representations reflecting its beliefs and values. Among the most prevalent symbols are triangles and triquetras, which carry profound significance within the faith. The triangle, often used in various forms, represents the three aspects of Trionis - the earth, sea, and sky, embodying the unity of the god's primordial forms. This sacred symbol reinforces the Triadists' devotion to their deity and the harmonious relationship between the three aspects.
Additionally, the fisher hawk, a local bird of prey, holds a special place in the Church's symbolism. Triadists believe the fisher hawk to be a representation of the unity between the three aspects of Trionis. Its prowess in hunting and adapting to diverse environments exemplifies the balanced harmony between earth, sea, and sky - an ideal that the Triadists seek to emulate in their faith.
The intricate symbolism used throughout the Church of the Holy Triad serves as a visual reminder of its core principles, reinforcing the deep connection between the Triadists and their god, Trionis.

Tenet of the Faith

  1. Avoidance of Mortal Politics:
    The Church remains focused on the preservation and well-being of civilization, steering clear of the divisive squabbles between the city-states.
  2. Temperance and Moderation:
    Triadists uphold the value of balance and restraint in all aspects of life, avoiding excess and extremes.
  3. Internal Harmony:
    Finding inner peace and balance is encouraged within the Triadist communities, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation among its members.
  4. Avoidance of Temptation:
    To prevent the infiltration of foreign ideas, the Triadist communities isolate themselves, shielding their beliefs from external influences.

Liturgic Language
Holy Symbol
Divine Triquerta
Holy Book
The Aequilara

Trice Blessed Servant
Ruling Body
Council of Twice Blessed Servants

Aleron Veridian
Current leader
Elara Vespera

Break aways


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