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Trionara-on-Dawnlight, the resplendent city of the Triadists, stands proudly upon an acropolis situated along the western bank of the river Dawnlight. Crowning the acropolis is the magnificent Great Temple to Trionis, a testament to the unwavering faith of the Triadists. Within the temple's vicinity, the Blue Palace serves as the dwelling place of the revered Thrice Blessed Servant, the highest spiritual authority in the Church of the Holy Triad.

The Crossing

Strategically positioned, Trionara-on-Dawnlight overlooks a major crossing of the river, serving as a vital trade and travel hub within the Umbrasol Basin. The city's location at this crucial juncture enables the Triadists to maintain significant influence over regional commerce and diplomacy.

A city of isolation

Trionara-on-Dawnlight adheres strictly to the tenets of the Church of the Holy Triad, admitting only Triadists within its fortified walls. Outsiders and non-believers are required to reside in nearby settlements, upholding the sacred principle of isolation to avoid the influence of foreign ideas and preserve the sanctity of the Triadists' faith. This exclusivity further reinforces the city's identity as a sanctuary dedicated to the worship of Trionis.


The genesis of Trionara-on-Dawnlight lies in the sacred history of Aleron Veridian and his first followers. Fleeing from the turmoil of the Shattering of Unity, Aleron sought to establish a sanctuary where the faithful could find solace and strength in their devotion to Trionis. At the very site of his first divine revelation, the foundations of the city were laid, becoming a symbol of hope and unity for the Triadists.

Skoltari remnants

While Trionara-on-Dawnlight is a bastion of the Triadists, remnants of the Skoltari faction reside in small settlements surrounding the city. Due to their connection to the early church and their cursed bloodline resulting from heretical practices, the Skoltari are permitted within the city's walls only when adorned in specific ritualistic robes. These robes, believed to protect the city's inhabitants from the Skoltari's curse, are a poignant reminder of the lingering consequences of the Shattering of Unity.


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