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Aleron Veridian

Aleron Veridian, a legendary figure in the annals of the Umbrasol Basin's history, emerges as a guiding light amidst the darkness of tumultuous times. Renowned for his profound revelations and his founding of the Cult of Trionis, Aleron's legacy continues to cast an enduring influence over the region's spiritual landscape. From his role in the fateful events of The Great Collapse to his enduring impact on the Cult of Trionis and modern veneration, Aleron's story resonates with the heart of the Umbrasol Basin.


Aleron Veridian commands attention despite his unassuming stature. His young face was characterized by sharp, piercing eyes that seem to hold ancient wisdom and an unshakeable resolve. A prominent scar runs across his brow, a permenant reminder of the danger posed by the wildlands that have shaped his journey. Despite his unimposing frame, Aleron exudes an aura of authority and charisma that drews followers to his cause.


The Great Collapse

Aleron Veridian's journey began amidst the turbulent era of the Great Collapse, a time when the Umbrasol Basin faced the convergence of three great disasters—floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes—alongside the relentless incursion of the wildlands. Aleron, a young and audacious leader, emerged as one of the courageous adventurers who stood against the chaos, leading the charge in the battle against the encroaching forces of the wilds.

Founding the Cult of Trionis

In the aftermath of the Great Collapse, Aleron Veridian experienced a transformational revelation that would shape the destiny of the Umbrasol Basin. Inspired and guided by divine insight, he founded the Cult of Trionis, a spiritual movement seeking hope and salvation in the face of the region's challenges. The Cult, which would later evolve into the Church of the Holy Triad, proposed the resurrection of the god Trionis as a beacon of hope against the encroaching wildlands.


Aleron Veridian's journey eventually reached its poignant conclusion. In the prime of his life, he passed on from this world, with little warning or fight, leaving behind a legacy that would be carried forth by the generations to come. While his physical presence may have departed, his teachings and revelations endured, serving as everlasting sources of guidance and inspiration for the Triadists.

Cult of Trionis

The legacy of Aleron Veridian lives on through the devout followers of the Cult of Trionis, known as Triadists. Embracing his teachings and the sacred texts of the Aequilara, the Triadists revere Aleron as a visionary leader whose insights continue to guide their spiritual journey. The symbol of the Divine Triquetra adorns the church's places of worship, representing the three aspects of Trionis, the god revered by the faithful.

Modern Veneration

In the modern era, Aleron Veridian is remembered and venerated as a charismatic and visionary figure. The impact of his teachings extends far beyond the boundaries of time, influencing not only the followers of the Church of the Holy Triad but also the broader history of the Umbrasol Basin. Aleron's courage, wisdom, and determination continue to inspire hope in times of adversity, ensuring that his legacy remains alive in the hearts of those who seek solace and purpose within the church's embrace.


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