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In the annals of the Church of the Holy Triad's history, one name stands as a dark testament to treachery and malevolence: Skoltar. Around 120 years ago, Skoltar orchestrated a masterful deception, weaseling their way into the esteemed position of the Thrice Blessed Servant. Unbeknownst to the faithful, his ascension would unleash a sinister reign that would forever stain the church's legacy.


Skoltar was a cunning figure, known for his impeccable charm and disarming appearance. With a countenance that concealed his true intentions, he presented an aura of serenity and piety, garnering trust and admiration from the unsuspecting faithful. However, behind his piercing gaze lay a shroud of darkness, concealing a malevolence that would eventually reveal itself in all its sinister glory.


Early Life

Skoltar's past remained veiled in mystery, with few records chronicling his origins. Some accounts suggested that he emerged from humble beginnings, using his intellect and manipulation skills to climb the social ladder. Others claimed he came from a more sinister background, with ties to clandestine groups that dabbled in forbidden practices.

Rise to Power

Through cunning schemes and careful strategizing, Skoltar managed to position himself as a prominent figure within the Church of the Holy Triad. His shrewd manipulation and ability to cloak his true intentions earned him the trust of the council and the adoration of the faithful. As the competition for the role of Thrice Blessed Servant intensified, Skoltar unveiled a facade of divine devotion that endeared him to the higher echelons of the clergy.

Formation of the Skoltari

Upon his ascension, Skoltar initiated a covert movement within the church, known as the Skoltari. This clandestine faction operated in the shadows, carrying out his malevolent schemes under the guise of religious righteousness. Skoltar's alliance with infernal powers allowed him to wield unnatural influence over the basin, manipulating events to further his control and dominance.


As the Skoltari's dark machinations began to surface, resistance against Skoltar's rule grew. A group of brave individuals, aware of his true nature, conspired to expose his malevolence and put an end to his reign of deception. A deadly confrontation ensued, culminating in Skoltar's eventual demise. His legacy, however, continued to cast a long, haunting shadow over the Church of the Holy Triad.

Modern Taboo

In the aftermath of Skoltar's fall, the Skoltari became a forbidden topic within the church. Mentioning their name evoked fear and revulsion among the faithful, and discussing their deeds was strictly prohibited. To this day, the Skoltari remain a symbol of treachery and evil, a stark reminder of the dangers of deception and the vigilance required to safeguard the sanctity of the faith. The memory of Skoltar's malevolent reign endures as a cautionary tale, forever etched into the history of the Church of the Holy Triad.


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