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Against monsters

I wonder what will happen when it's not as popular to become an Extractor anymore...
— Inhabitant of The Station
  This conflict is still active and ongoning on the planet of Areu. The non-sentient monsters roaming the planet are attacking the people living on and mining the planet.  


According to legends in the books found on The Station the planet of Areu used to be a lush paradise. Nobody knows what happened to turn the planet into what it now is. A monster infested relic. It's speculated that a planet wide natural disaster happened. Maybe a comet or an eruption of poisisous gases. While most believe that the planet had become cursed as both the people who inhabited the planet and the station appear to have just dissappeared in a very small amount of time.   After the Dragons had settled into the Station and learned to read the books there they found out about Ark and other resources that they had to gather from the planet to keep the Station going. They sent some of their people to the planet and there they were attacked by the monsters now living on the planet. Many died, but they have to keep sending people to the planet to get the resources...  


The monsters are attacking both the small settlement that the dragons have managed to build between the attacks and the areas where the dragons are gathering resources. The dragons have tried to take the battle to the monsters, but the planet is overrun with monsters and the dragons have yet to find the home bases of the monsters. Many believe that the monsters are just roaming.


At first the dragons were taken by surprise. They had no weapons other than their magic and their dragon forms. Only 20% of the first group survived. The Station are now training the resource gatherers, now named the Extractors, and sending them together with weapons to the planet. The Monsters still have the upper hand though.


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