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I wouldn't want to live there. Most of our food comes from there, though. So I might want to visit.
— A person living on The Station
Areu is the third planet from the sun in a universe far away. It is not the only planet in this habitable zone, it's neighbors with the planet of Rant. It used to be a lush planet but is currently a destroyed one. The planet is also orbited by a space station. The space station's inhabitants disappeared at the same time as the planet was destroyed. The stations and the planet currently have new inhabitants.  


There are history books, files and holograms on The Station about the full history of the planet. However, none of the books or files explains what destroyed the planet and the people on The Station.   The Planet used to be lush and beautiful, with many natural resources. Now there are only a couple of native species of animals and plants left and only some natural resources. As well as monsters lurking in the shadows.  


There is currently very few water sources. There is a small and not so deep ocean around 40 minutes away from Areu's only settlement Nessa. The land is mostly dirt and rocks but some plants can be found. Mostly bushes, grass or grain.
Alternative names

Flora & Fauna

Very little flora and fauna are left compared to before the destruction of Areu. There are some animals, the most prolific among them being the Pipika. There are mostly small mammals, small reptiles, and a small amount of insects left. When it comes to plant life, there is a bit more variety. Many plants can be used both as a herb and as a spice, like Silver dop. It's also very popular in teas. There are also many berries like the crimson bead. Its sweet taste is used mostly for drinks and jam. Many dragons enjoy its afterbite. Many of the other species inhabiting the Station does not.


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