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Government of Reki

The Government? Uh, I know we vote once every 7 years... You know Jozean? They are such a great person. I think it's sad that they are not an actor anymore...But I think that they are great at running the Station, I-
— An inhabitant.
  The Government of Reki is a democracy that has existed for around 2531 years. It's a relatively old democracy that many other countries on planets close by have designed their democracies after.  


The Government consists of the President and several cabinet ministers. The government answers to the Parliament, which consists of the Vice President who is usually called "The Speaker" and the ministers.   The Parliament is elected by the people who are eligible to vote. New Parliament members are elected once every seven years. The parliament consists of 49 ministers. The Parliament ministers are all prominent politicians chosen by the people to represent their political party. The Speaker is also elected by the people (with input from the Parliament), but this person is usually not a politician. The current Speaker is a famous child actor, Jozean. They have been the Speaker for the last five years. They have very high approval rates among the people. The Speaker also has a deputy. They are expected to have a high political education.   The Speaker names the President after a vote among the Parliament, and when the President has been elected, they elect their Government. The cabinet ministers don't have to be politicians, but they usually are. The President also chooses a Deputy President that will help the President with their work and step in for the President when it is needed.   Like the Parliament, the Government members have their seats for seven years until the new Parliament is chosen.   The Speaker can dismiss the President and, thus, the Government at any time. Many people who are not that into politics believe that The Speaker is the most powerful person on the Station, but that is not true...
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Deputy President
Vice Precident
Deputy Vice President


The Government runs the Station. It gives the Parliament propositions that the Parliament votes on. The Government is responsible for executing the choices of the Parliament. The Government suggests and executes, and the Parliament makes decisions.  


When the Dragons moved into the Station, the oldest dragon made all the important decisions and had the second oldest carry out their decision. However, after they had figured out how to read the language of the people who had created the station, they figured out how the Station had been run previously and decided that they should run the station in a similar way.   The dragons used what they liked from the previous government and after some trial and error, the current government emerged.  


The Parliament sits in the section of the Station called Monochrome, it's the central section. The large building is located on the top level, 00-00, smack dab in the middle of the area next to the huge Central Library.   The Government also sits in the same section, but not as central and in a smaller building. There are also Governmental buildings in the other sections. These buildings are used by the Section Governments who work under the Central Government. These people are also appointed by the President but it's usually the same people that always work these jobs no matter the current Government.


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