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This is the heart of The Station.
— Tour guide
  This is the central section of The Station, and it is officially named 00, or ZeroZero. It is unofficially called Monochrome or Chrome by the inhabitants of the entire Station. This section of the Station has 21 levels. The top level is 90 km². The second and third levels are also 90 km², and the other levels are 60 km².  

The Levels

The top level contains the firmament, or the sky dome. It's Ark windows with a view of the space above the Station. Many people who are born and bred on the Station want to visit this place at least once in their lives to look up at Space. On this level is a large public park, government buildings, hospitals, museums, hotels, the central library, higher education schools, the homes of wealthy people, big brand stores, water parks, and other interesting buildings.   The second level contains mostly plumbing and technical areas. The third level is residential and commercial. The fourth level is mostly transport both locally within the section as well as to and from the other sections, but there are also food stalls and some residential areas. The other levels contain plumbing, technical areas, the shipping dock, the control rooms, some residential areas, some shopping areas, and other bits and bobs.  

The Population

Most of the population of 00 are merchants, diplomats, politicians, businessmen, celebrities, and other wealthy or high-status people. As well as visiting teachers or people from other planets with important jobs.   This section is the one with the most diversity. People from many different planets live or visit here. There are also many people visiting this section from the other sections. The population in this section is very transitional.   Around 42% of the population of this section is Dragons, while the other 58% is small groups of other species. The largest among those is 13% of Spectera from the planet of Rant and 9% of Iedoloni from the planet of Kasoun.


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