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Here you will find the projects that I am working on for this world.
— BasicDragon


This is a romance visual novel about a magic teacher named Mar’ahnhir from the planet of Rant, a small planet close to Reki. As an exchange teacher set to live and work on Reki for 2 years Mar hadn't planned to fall in love...  


A Sim dating game with Irico, a side character from the "Mastermind" Visual novel.  

Dana's spooky adventures

...yes, that's a working title. This may or may not be before the dating sim. This is a visual novel with mystery and JRPG elements.  

Dana's CYOE

...yes, that's another working title. I usually don't have problems with coming up with names for stories. But for this world it has been a problem. XD This is an illustrated choose-your-own-ending's a prologue for Dana's Visual Novel series. :3  


A fancy coloring book.   I have already published a tiny coloring book that you can find on Amazon or most other online bookstores. That book is related to my other world: Urskoga.  


Yes...I am also working on stickers for this world. :3


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