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Hey, Lex you coming? The lady down the block wants us to check out a weird light she sees every other night. We're meeting the others at Cici's.
— Dana
Born in the year 2991AR on The Station, Dana has just turned 36. At the age of 16 Dana had their first supernatural encounter and since then they have started a "ghost hunting squad". This group of eccentrics investigates supernatural phenomena that most other people think are just imagination.   Dana is a pink Dragon who believes that both of their parents are regular Station dragons. This is not completely true...  


Dana only had acquaintances as a child. They didn't get their first friend until they were 16. Since then, they have become more social and have more friends. Their first friend is currently still their best friend, Lex, and they are pretty much joined at the hip. Dana is slightly annoyed that Lex is trying to get Dana to be even more social. They are happy with the friends they already have, thank you very much.  
Dana is friendly with Aeyd another dragon that owns a tattoo studio named Needle & Pins across the road from Dana's yarn store. They both enjoy art and like discussing flowers. Dana is also friendly with one of the Police officers working in the Police Box on the other side of the road, Ash. Lex, however, does not like Dana's choice of friends when it comes to this person. Lex doesn't want to explain himself regarding this opinion, though.   The people in Dana's ghost investigation team is:
  • Cel, Aeyd's tattoo artist apprentice. Cel and Dana have known each other for about 10 years. Cel used to work part-time at the Cici's on the corner.
  • Cinder, the owner of the bookstore on the other side of Marth's, the tea shop next to Dana's shop.
  • As well as Lex and Ash. They are reluctant, but they both want to protect Dana from getting into trouble.

  • Place of birth
    The Station
    Current location
    The Station
    36 years


    Dana was born to a politician and a universewide-celebrated actor. They don't have any siblings and their parents never really spent any time with Dana. Dana has a half-sibling but they have never met them. Dana doesn't know anything about them. Their parents split up when Dana turned 7, and they were shipped off to the parent of the politician who lived in the Violet section of The Station. Dana grew up living with their grandparent until that grandparent died. The grandparent weren't very sociable, leaving Dana spent a lot of time alone.   Dana inherited a lot of money from their grandparent. Their parents finally agreed on something. They did not think that Dana should've inherited that money but they were too busy to care. Dana moved back to Monochrome and opened a store for one of their hobbies, knitting, and settled in to an apartment together with their best friend even though the both of them were only 17.    
    Sexual orientation
    Romantic orientation


    Dana is a pink dragon. They have pink, slightly wavy hair and pale pink skin. They are relatively short for a dragon, and that's how they like it.   Their ears are short for a dragon, and while their eyes are pale like a normal dragon, people sometimes catch their eyes looking yellow, green, or purple. But people always believe that it’s a trick of the light.   They enjoy wearing pastel color clothes and colorful knitted cardigans. They like tights, short shorts, t-shirts, and thigh-high socks. They also have a large collection of shoes with high heels.   While they have a lot of magical abilities, they are not the best at using them. They have learned how to remove their dragon horns, but they also enjoy putting decorations on their horns.   As their dragon horns look a little bit odd compared to the horns of other Station dragons they prefer not to have their horns out when they are spending time around lots of strangers.      
    Store owner
    Above average
    ...yes. Not saying which.


    Dana is an ambivert and enjoys spending time with other people in moderation. Lex and their other friends are an exception. Spending time with their close friends neither restores nor depletes their energy, but it’s something that they enjoy doing.   Dana is uncomfortable being the center of attention and often lets Lex take that role. They also do not enjoy conflict. The only person they enjoy relying on is Lex, as well.   When it comes to their parents, they don’t want to think or talk about them much at all. They try to ignore their parents, trying to contact them around the holidays as much as possible. Lex usually takes care of it. Because their parents usually tries to out do each other. Which is exhausting for Dana.  
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    Favorite food
    Sweet beef stew
    Favorite color


    Dana has a lot of hobbies. They enjoy knitting, tabletop games, listening to spooky stories, supernatural things, reading adventure novels, looking at art, watching tattoo reality competition shows, learning about flowers and a lot more.   They have tried to play several different kinds of modi games, however they have come to the conclusion that they only like the games that are either very text heavy or are multiplayer. The multiplayer games also have to be those short-party games where people have to compete against each other.   While knitting is one of Dana’s favorite hobbies, they also enjoy food and learning to cook. With all their other hobbies, they don’t have much time for cooking themselves, though.  

    In media

    Dana is a side character in my VN Mastermind, and the main character in my other VN that does not have a name yet.

    • 2991 AR

      Dana was born
      Life, Birth

      Dana was born in the year 2991, on the date 7/10. (day/week).


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