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To serve with kindness, to put things right with understanding.
— Police motto
  The Station's police force is controlled by the Government of Reki. The Reki Police force has one HQ in all 7 sections while the main one is located in the central section, Monochrome. They also have thousands of Police Boxes in every neighborhood across The Station where the majority of the police officers work.   Another motto of the police than the current official one is: "From the people, with the people.". They are supposed to be a part of the community in which they serve.   The police work closely with the Enforcers and social workers to keep everyone in the community on the straight and narrow. This, of course, does not always succeed. But it should be the goal of every police officer that joins the force.  


While the Dragons modeled most of their society after the creators of The Station this profession and it's organization is modeled after the dragon's original view on parenthood. While the Social Workers work to help meet everyone's needs, They are the Government's heart. The Enforcers enforce the law, they protect and mete out justice, They are the Government's hands. The Police are the mediators between the two. The inbetween. The rest of the family. The community. The third parent. Polyamory, triads, were and still are common in Dragon society. The Police are the third parent, The government's brain.   When the dragons settled on the Station, they were a community that did not need a profession to care for their own. They did, however, realize, when they started to let other people settle in with them and the threads of community grew thin, that they needed to have organizations and professions that handled issues within the growing community. Thus, they read the books of the original inhabitants and worked out a system that worked for them.  


To become a police officer, a person must first have finished basic school, have some work-life experience, and graduate from the Police Academy. The minimum age requirement for entering the Academy is 21 years old.   To enter the Academy, the person's eligibility will first be checked. A background check will also be run on the person. The person must take a couple of physical and psychological tests. It is very competitive to apply for the academy as they only have a couple of spots a year. The Academy is 3 years or 6 years, depending on the degree.


There are currently 108594 people working as police personnel on The Station. 91007 are officers working in the Police Boxes, and the others are working in the Police HQs as deputies, inspectors, and chiefs of different departments.   Around 67% of the Police Force are dragons. The other 33% include all other species on the Station. 36% are female, 19% are male and 45% are of another gender. The salary is above average for people with a 6-year degree and exactly on average for those with a 3-year degree.

Social Status

The Police are often overlooked as they are seen as part of the community, a part of the self, but they are very well respected, and many children grow up wanting to be police officers. Like Teachers, the people of the community call the Police officers by the title An, which is a title of respect for older or wiser people. Even if that person is younger.


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