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Police Box

...Ugh. I can't find it. Oh...I can ask at that box.
— A lost person
  The Station have 7007 official police boxes with 1001 boxes in all 7 sections. They located mostly in the commercial and residential areas. The Police boxes are used by the local community for example to report crimes, seek assistance, ask for directions and for lost and found items.  

The buildings

The Police box buildings look different than the other buildings in The Station. The Police Boxes have a protruding front which is red and blue. This is to make it easier for visitors to the area to be able to spot the Police boxes. Depending on the size of the buildings in the area the Police boxes are usually using one or two floors.   All "boxes" usually have;
  • A reception area.
  • A changing/locker room.
  • A couple of bathrooms. (both private for the police and "guests")
  • A shower room.
  • An area with office desks, cabinets and office supplies.
  • A locked area for lost and found items.
  • A small kitchen.
  • A room for police officers to sleep
  • A pair of rooms for "guests" to stay a night.

  • Opening hours

    The boxes are open at all times. There are always 3 police officers working. During certain times of the day the officers can be out patrolling, but there is always at least one officer at the box. During the day there is also one manager working at the box.


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