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The Station

I like living here...I suppose. I have never lived anywhere else.
Once upon a time the word "Reki" meant Shelter in a language that can now be considered dead.   Reki Orbital Space Station, referred to as ROSS by its creators and Reki by its current residents, is situated close to the center of a Universe that has no name. Its inhabitants are only referring to it as "our universe".   Reki used to be the first space station in this universe but is now one among many. It's still the largest station, housing several million people. It continues to orbit a destroyed planet...  


Romance (LGBTQ+), Slice of life, urban fantasy...and mystery.


Love, Family, life & death, and Morality.


Bleak grey to Noble bright, depending on the story.


This world is a remake of one of my older worlds. As well as inspired by my visits to Japan. It's also slightly inspired by the gacha game Honkai: Star Rail. I was watching this stream about the game when the idea of dragons finding an empty space station struck me. Yes, I know why it was empty and what happened to the previous people and the planet. :P


There are no paper trails. The historians do not know what happened to the people who created and used to inhabit this space station. It was empty of people when the Dragons found it over 2500 years ago.   The other people who traveled the universe before the dragons appeared and settled in The Station used to believe that the space station and the planet that it orbited were cursed. Though, the curse must've have been broken when the dragons moved into the station...


Reki is orbiting around a planet called the Areu. This planet was once lush and prosperous. It is now overrun by non-sentient monsters. The planet still holds many materials, and the Station sends expeditions to the planet to gather them. There is also a small settlement on the planet called Nessa.   These expeditions and associated professions used to be held in high regard. To some extent, they still are, but it's now more popular to have a profession dealing with other planets.


There are several kinds of magick in this universe. But the most common one, especially on Reki, is a magick that manipulates essence. This is a magick that anyone can learn as essence exists in every living being.   The second most common magick is powers granted to a person by a Deity. Most people have never met a deity, but many still believe they walk the universe. And indeed, people do receive magical abilities from these deities...


The Station is huge and split into 7 different sections.   There is a center section with several levels and 6 other sections connected to the central section, but not each other. The 6 sections are called Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, and Violet among the locals while they are officially called 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, and 06. The central section is called Monochrome or 00.   Monochrome has 21 levels; the top level is 00-00 while the bottom level is 00-20. This section is connected to the other 6 sections from level 00-02. Monochrome contains the shipping dock, the control rooms, the government, most of the high level schools and hospitals. There are only a couple parks, gardens, shopping and residential areas. These are usually used by the government, diplomats, and other people with status.   The other four sections mainly consist of parks, gardens, shopping and residential areas. As well as primary and high schools. Since each section contains what is needed for a person to live their life most inhabitants stay within their own section if they are leading a regular life.  


The rest of the universe is vast and contains many habitable planets. Many of them will be mentioned or explained in relation to this space station in later updates of this article.  


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    The discovery
    Era beginning/end

    The other space travellers noticed that The Station was inhabited again.

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    Universal Internet
    Technological achievement

    All planets had their own networks that worked on their own planets. It's still like that. However, now governments and companies can comunicate across the universe.


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